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Craving a beer???

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I haven't been craving ANYTHING since the raging cravings of early pregnancy simmered down...in fact, most of the time when I feel hungry...nothing sounds good at all. I have to make myself eat what I know I need because nothing sounds good, really. But lately I've had a really intense craving for a beer and I don't even normally like beer nor am I ever much of a drinker non-pregnant! What is it in beer my body might think it needs??? Anyone else experience this in a pregnancy?

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Hmmmmmm......relaxation??? wink1.gif
I've been craving wine lately...although I have no problem having an ounce or two now and again. Not sure why I crave it either...
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I had a few swigs of a mimosa at an event on Saturday, and it was the single greatest thing I've ever tasted in my life. :)

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here's a link to a chart that shows which nutrients are behind which cravings.  several nutrients are associated with cravings for alcohol.



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also, beer is brewed with hops, which can be relaxing.  susun weed's pregnancy book recc's skullcap for relaxation/antianxiety

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saudade, I am the same way about alcohol, but around the time I got preg I was craving red wine like crazy. I had to have it! I bought one bottle, drank half of it over a few days, and that was that. Why, I have no idea, I usually eat well and was juicing at the time, but I listened to the craving, however strange, and was easily satisfied. While I certainly don't advocate drinking while preg, I also think indulging in one regular size/strength beer one time won't do any harm, especially if you eat well so it doesn't all hit your bloodstream at once.

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I've been craving a beer too. I think it's about relaxation for me. I just want to throw one back and veg.


I learned the hard way, sipping a small glass of champagne for my aniversarry with my first pregnancy (around this time too), that it's not going to make me feel good, so I avoid it.


I did have a glass of Guiness that pregnancy for St. Patty's and it was sooooo gooood. I sipped it over the course of an hour with food. Maybe beer is better (Guiness is good for you, after all.)



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I'm giggling over the Guinness pic smile.gif My hubby's family is from Ireland, and they love the stuff. He drinks his out of special pint glasses I gave him one Christmas with the old ads on the side. My MIL is always telling me to make sure I drink a Guinness every now and then..."It's good for you! It's loaded with Iron!" I can't stand the stuff though. She says in Ireland pg women drink it for health.
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For a while I had no beer or wine cravings at all. Hubs and I are drinkers. We usually shared a half bottle of wine with dinner every night, or a beer or two. For the first 16 weeks of pregnancy I had an aversion to beer/alcohol and sweets. Then I started to kind of want a beer. Now, after a weekend of sickness and desperately trying to get enough water, I feel like I would hate the idea of even a sip of it! It's amazing how much out bodies and minds direct our desires this way and that. 


I always thought I would want alcohol during pregnancy just because I "can't" have it. It hasn't been like that at all, to my pleasant surprise. 


LOL@ the guiness picture. 

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My DH and I are also drinkers and usually like to have a beer or two together in the evenings before bed.  For the first trimester I was COMPLETELY turned by the idea of drinking at all, but now that I am feeling more like my usual self I have to admit... I just want a nice cold pint!!!!  I think once my semester of school is over I will let myself have one.  In my opinion, the odd beer shouldn't really be an issue in a healthy pregnancy.  I know not everybody agrees on this but such is life!

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Beer is out of the question for me. Unless my midwife tells my husband that I need to drink alcohol (to slow early contractions or something), there's no way he'll agree to it! He does let me touch my lips to an especially nice new IPA if he brings it home. Heh.

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saudade, I'm like you--don't normally even like beer, but when I was pregnant with DD , I had this INSANE craving for a beer though I think it was a bit more toward 30-ish weeks or even later.  When I mentioned it to my OB at the time she said, "So have a beer."  I still wasn't comfortable having a WHOLE beer but when I was at dinner a few nights later and the craving was still there, I had about a quarter to a half of a small beer with dinner.  I honestly didn't look that pregnant but I felt like everyone in the restaurant was STARING at me.  If the craving hits this time, I'll indulge at home ;-)  From my understanding, alcohol has been shown to have a negative effect when consumed in large quantities, frequently, especially early on in pregnancy.  Beer can be quite low on the alcohol spectrum and if having a small amount with some food fixes a craving, I'm fine with it.  I'm very conservative with many things that I think pose a higher danger (things contaminated with Listeria, consumption of much mercury-containing seafood, medications, etc.) but a sip of something alcoholic very occasionally doesn't bother me.  Historically, I think humans have been consuming fermented beverages which contain varying amounts of alcohol rather regularly, probably during pregnancy as well.  Even my juice kefir has some alcohol though I distinctly lost the craving to consume any so far during this pg...I say listen to your body!  If a good carbonated beverage or no-alcohol beer doesn't work, have some of the real thing!

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Oh, that's right about the Guinness! I was in Ireland a few years back with some girlfriends, one of whom was pregnant, and the locals ALWAYS noticed in pubs that she wasn't drinking. She'd explain that she was pregnant, and within minutes some old Irish woman would wander out from behind the bar with an "on the house" pint of Guinness and explain to my friend all the health benefits. (Nutrients, helping with milk production and lactation...on and on)

It happened almost everywhere we went. 

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I just got back from a vacation in Cabo and I had to have a margarita with dinner!  It was nice and weak but still oh so good.  It has me wondering if it is possible to simmer off most of the alcohol from tequila, maintain that tequila flavor and make a awesome margarita.  I'm going to have to look it up.

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After reading this thread all I want is a paralyzer! LOL!
I had a small, yummy, mixed drink the other day(baileys and decaf)on a date with my hubby and it was seriously the best thing I'd ever tasted...I'm personally not worried about the occasional drink, at all. Especially if it's on a full tummy and you can't feel it in your system. I'm also, originally, from a country where it isn't frowned upon:)
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my doula told me today to go for it!  it's funny that even though i had already decided for myself hearing that from her made me feel so much better!

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During my last pregnancy a co-worker of mine, who brews his own home made beer  - brewed up a batch of dark brew - ohhhh, i could go for a Guiness now after seeing that ad!!   Anyhoo - i took a bottle of it to have with DH over the 4th of July weekend and i got cold stares and glares from everyone in the office under 30 - the rest of us, (over 35) can remember the days when "a glass or two of Chardonay everyday was good for the baby!!" 

i ended up having about a third of the bottle with a huge juicy burger  - i think the occasional bottle of home brew is the thing i miss most about that job....

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I don't even like dark beer and that ad for Guiness is making my craving worse. winky.gif

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Do it!  thumb.gif

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