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Obtaining oral vitamin K

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Anyone know where I can get some fast?  Just starting thinking I might like this option better than the shot.  Yes I know, I'm a little behind on this.  I found the birthwithlove site, but not sure how long they take to ship...

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My midwives provide it.  Have you asked your care provider?

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I believe they're fine with it, but you have to bring it with.  They deliver out of the hospital.  Wouldn't hurt for me to confirm that with them though.

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My midwives only do homebirths and they stock the oral vit-k themselves (both pharma and herbal).  I suppose it will vary based on your state laws and their personal policies though.


I'm pretty sure that it's available in stores, just like many other supplements..  Did you call your health food store and ask?

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I had the same thought yesterday when going over birth stuff with my husband.  If I would have had this thought 2 weeks ago we would be set!  He reminded me that at the very mainstream hospital I'm delivering at they offer both oral and inject vitamin K, which is something I had forgotten since our last birth.  I'm not sure if this is common or uncommon?  Depending on where you are delivering, perhaps it might be an option for you?

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I birthed in a hospital, so the pediatrician there wrote me a prescription for the oral K. Maybe you can get your regular ped to write a prescription? I'm not sure how it usually works. They were so flustered that I had asked for oral. They were like "No one has ever done this." haha. I've always been under the assumption that the oral K was a one time dose but they said she has to take it every week for 12 weeks? Anyone know if this is accurate? I thought vitamin K naturally reached its peak by 8 days old and it was most important in the first 24-48 hours after birth. 

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The oral vitamin K that my DD received was supposed to be 2 doses (I only did 1).  I suppose there is a variance in the dosing though?

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