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Making me miss home! I'm from just west of the Chicago 'burbs originally (southwest of Rockford, in that large empty farm land scattered with tiny towns)

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Grew up here in Portland but have also lived in CA (as as a child) and UT (for grad school). Looking at moving to someplace warmer. NV and TX are on the table.

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I've lived almost my whole life in So. Cal.  and have been in San Diego since 1993. 

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I am in MD about 1 hour outside of Washington DC.  I have lived within 2 hours of here for my entire life, except for a stint abroad in England.

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Inkandpaper, I am in NoVA! Let me know when you get here, and maybe I can help you find things and get acclimated.

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tatangel19, I am here now!  I have been here a couple weeks so far.

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I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Went to undergrad in Laurinburg, NC, Chiropractic college in Davenport, IA where i meet my DH and then moved to southeast MI to be closer to his family. And my poor mom always thought that I would be the one to stay close..opps :)

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Add me to the NoVa list... we are 10 minutes away from DC.  


Grew up in Montana though... went to UT Austin, then Baltimore, then NYC for school.  Got a job here in 1999 and have been here ever since.

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I was born in Germany, lived there a long time, also lived in Cali and Florida, where I met my hubby! He joined the AF and we got sent to NJ  for 5 years and now just arrived in WA state and so far we love it! We call FL home :) where we lived the longest. 

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im a western NY momma born and raised but now i live in central NY only 2 1/2 hrs from home.

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I'm Russian-American and my husband is Russian. We're currently living in the US for two years now. We're in Kansas now, but have lived in Colorado and Utah! We lived in the Middle East (UAE) for about 7 years and in Russia. We're moving back to Russia in Feb/March! :) 


I'm also in Kansas! Born and raised here, then lived in Arizona for about 8 years and came back to Kansas about a year and a half ago so we could be closer to my family.

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