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Need ideas for activities for 2 1/2 year old in Minnesota

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Hi All,


Ok, now that we've turned our clocks back, it is completely dark here at 5:00 p.m.  This was usually the time both my hubby and I'd be off work and looking forward to some time at the park with our daughter.  Now, that it is dark and definitely colder, we're going to be inside for months.  She isn't old enough to play board or card games, but is very active and wants something to do.  I'm looking for something other than watching Dora.


For a kid who is used to spending an hour or two at the park after day care...  Please help with suggestions! 




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My guy is only 20 months- so maybe his needs are less active than the 2 and a 1/2 yr old- but I try to take him out anywhere I can find sometimes!! I am always looking to try to start more activities in my town (playgroups and such) but until then we have to make do with limited choices. Sometimes I just take him to the store and let him see peopple and walk around up and down the isles.

Our library is open till 6 so I take him there. Or you could try to set up an early evening play date with another kid? do you have any toddler gyms in your area?

It is really hard to figure out what to do with them sometimes! 

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Hi We live in the twin cities and also have been looking for activities now that it is dark so early. Our community pool has open swim in the evening and a nice kiddie pool. There are also some coffee shops with little play areas. Not sure where in Mn you are and if these ideas would be relevant. You could also post in Finding your tribe MN to see if more people reply who are not on the toddler board but have experience in keeping busy with kids in the winter. smile.gif

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If you're in the city you could do a walk around the block.  Or go to the mall and walk around (or if they have a play area even better!)  

We have pretty boring evenings here, my ds will usually hang out with me in the kitchen for all the dinner prep/eating/clean up.  Then we will just play whatever he wants to play.  Then stories in bed.  My son is in daycare all day and is usually pretty tired when he gets home so we both enjoy the simple stuff :)

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Check out finding your tribe...there is a pretty active AP yahoo group for the twin cities and I think there is a link somewhere in there and you may find some good information there.  Otherwise, we are also in Minnesota and have done some outdoor post dinner walks with flashlights (we have sidewalks).


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I've also had the same problem - our outdoor time after nap has been cut so short!  We just started doing toddler yoga that I found for free 'on demand' on the TV and my 2.5 yr old loves it!  We also go to the library and just hang out in the children's section.  My son loves to make forts and build with blocks so we do that a lot indoors.  Sometimes we have a dance party to get some energy out or do "cool tricks" which involves him flipping and somersaulting all around the room. 

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