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Warning! Extremely upsetting/triggering story

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Have you ever discussed with your child what to do if you died suddenly? http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501712_162-57318269.html

This story is so unbelievably upsetting, and it's one of my worst fears. What would happen if I just dropped dead. We live in an apartment building and I know that some of my neighbors work part time or from home. I'm thinking about talking to my neighbors about doing an emergency "drill" and having DD go door to door and asking for help.
Has anyone talked to your kids about this?
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I have. I do.


I am teaching DS1 to how dial 9-1-1 and what to say. He also knows how to call his father and his nanny. We practice safety related things, daily.


It is a fear that seems to come in waves; after DS1 was born, then it resurfaced close to DS2's birth. 

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This is actually a fear of mine.  I'm not a stay at home parent any more but I am a single parent so it's just the 2 of us a lot of the time.  I do have a downstairs neighbour that I'm sure would do something if ds was crying for an extended time.  And I'm in contact with my mom every other day but that could still leave a lot of time before she missed hearing from me.  Likely ds would act just like the girl in this story - assume I was sleeping and fend for himself, I'm not sure how much he would cry if he thought I just wouldn't wake up..  I should teach him to use my phone in case of an emergency but he is not quite 3 so I'm not sure if he would.

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I have such a great support network that a friend of mine did come to bang on my door once because my two year old answered the phone. I was ill but okay. I'll never forget how sheepish she felt but how happy I was that she cared enough about me to make sure we were okay.
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I had a huge fear of this especially when I was a single parent. My eldest was able to memorise how to call for help and in what circumstances from a very early age thankfully. Such a sad story. :(

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Oh my gosh, that is so awful. Poor girl.

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