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We're starting to plan our trip (~2 weeks, Feb or March) to Thailand. We don't have a set itinerary yet but will be travelling with our very active social toddler.  We do ec but she's on a potty pause right now, tending to only go in the potty upon awakening. So we are back to using our prefolds and doing laundry more than we have been pre-walking....I would like to cd while travelling but is it feasible? Are there places to stay with laundry machines? Are there local cd styles that work better for the climate? Should I wash by hand? I don't want to spend most of our trip washing diapers but I'd  hate to use disposables if I didn't need to.  I'd appreciate any advice you have.


Also, if there's places to visit/lodging etc that you'd recommend I'd love to hear it. Pre baby we were budget conscious backpackers, happy to camp or stay in hostels but would like to pack light but still get a local feel. Not really into touristy stuff. We like a few days in the city but prefer the countryside.  We co-sleep, still bf and her only vaccine so far has been dTap.