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My midwife called today and told me that the results from my urine sample show that I have a urinary tract infection.  I hadn't really noticed any symptoms - though now that I know I am paying more attention and realize that the little aches here and there aren't just because my uterus is growing.  My midwife gave me 2 options. She said that I could go on antibiotics or I could try to treat it naturally with cranberry tablets and lots of water.  When I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that the cranberry won't actually treat the bacteria and that is used more for a prevention rememdy. He basically told me that I would need antibiotics. I bought the cranberry tablets and will try this for a couple of days and get tested again. If it doesn't go away, I'll go with antibiotics. Has anyone had success on curing a UTI with just cranberry and water?

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the cranberry juice flushes your system out. you basically urinate the infection out. it doesnt sound like your infection is bad so i would try the natural route first.sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.

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You can try the cranberry pills and water, knowing that you might have to switch to antibiotics if the infection doesn't resolve itself. I just got over a UTI - I tried self-treating with lots and lots of cranberry juice and pills, d-mannose, and when that failed I tried uva ursi tea. Nothing worked for over two weeks. I reluctantly started antibiotics (keflex) because it was really uncomfortable and I didn't want the infection to spread, and I felt relief within a day. 


For what it's worth, I've successfully gotten rid of a UTI with lots of water and cranberry juice in the past, but I wasn't pregnant then.


Good luck!

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Thanks polishprincezz and maryamrose. I think I will give the water and cranberries a chance since my symptoms aren't too bad right now.  Most of what I read says that cranberries are ineffectual at curing the infection, but the studies don't mention also taking lots and lots of water - so maybe the water is really the key if it's acting as a flushing agent. 

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I would say to try the cranberry and water, but make sure that if it doesnt get better in a few days that you check into getting the antibiotics. I actually thought i had a UTI and it turned out to be "Round Ligament Pain" (not fun) I read that if you let it go too long that it can cause low birth weight and premature labor. Im not sure how far along you are so im not sure if that applies to your situation. So i feel your pain and I hope it works out. Feel better. Also try reading up on other remedies and forms of cures without medicine if you are not wanting to go that route. Good luck!!

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I started to have a little more pain.  I ended up getting the antibiotics because I was worried that things would progress this weekend and I'm going to be helping my sister give birth (she is being induced on Sunday), so I want to make sure this gets cleared up. I had also read about the complications and that scared me.  I'm just starting my 16th week.  It sounds like the type of UTI can be recurrent, so I'm glad I got the cranberry capsules and I will keep on taking those. 

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