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Things to do in Knoxville?

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We arw going to Knoxville the week of Thanksgiving. Does anyone have suggestions of fun things for families to do in the area? A mix of outdoor and indoor activities would be so helpful! We have a3 yo dd and a 14 yo ds. Thank you!
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DH is from Knoxville, so I've visited there a few times. It's been a few years, but my kids loved their zoo (especially the children's play area, and the orange - from the dust - elephants). Dollywood was a big hit with ds1, but he was a bit older than your kids when we went there. 


hmm....except for our overnight trip to Gatlinburg, I'm drawing a blank on other activities. I know my MIL has taken us to some neat places. Is a day trip to the Smoky Mountains practical for you?


I'll try to remember what else we've done on visits there.

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Thanks! We're going to head into the Smokies any day that it isn't going to rain a lot. Right now the forecast isn't looking very promising, so we're researching activities to keep us busy. :)

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