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OK please fill me in on the fire thing???? (like I really need something else to be paranoid about lol.gif but I can't help but ask...)
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Other brands have been recalled, but apparently they are not recalling these. Maytag, GE, Whirlpool, etc.. The issue seems to be that water gets into the control panel and sometimes ther eis just smoke... sometimes flames shoot out. Fun stuff. LOL! Not enough to make me hand wash, but enough that I want to be home, awake and know which circuit cuts off power to my dishwasher.
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I found a good but annoying way to force me to keep up with the dishes: we adopted a dog that's tall enough to jump up and try and lick the dishes in the sink. Really just up and doing them 2-3 times a day is what it takes.

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Put the dishes lower, let the dog do the work and earn his keep! smile.gif

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Originally Posted by crunchy_mommy View Post
I think one thing that ends up REALLY piling up is all of our storage containers, which we use for leftovers and for our lunches (we usually pack our lunches/snacks to go). We have some Pyrex and canning jars & tons of tupperware-type containers as back-up. We seem to always run out of containers no matter how many we have (and not just because they need to be washed!) so I think we're doing something wrong there...


Are you guys leaving stuff in containers in the fridge for ever and ever, or  is someone taking meals to work and not bringing the containers back?  Those would be the two main culprits in my house.  I'm more honest about leftovers now.  If we haven't eaten them in a couple of days (and we usually do), I just toss them.  As far as DP taking containers to work, ya got me.  I just send his food in jars and remind him occasionally to bring them home, thanks.  I think if we only had a designated few lunch containers we might actually do better.


I also put away my "company" dishes above my cabinets because we have limited storage, but I'd prefer a box in a closet.  Either way, it's close at hand if we do have company but not so easy to reach.

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I prefer to load up the dishwasher as I go along, then run it as soon as it's full.  Ideally, I prefer to run it after supper and empty in the am as I wait for my coffee, but sometimes I run it after bfast or lunch, and empty it before I start the next meal.  My favourite part of having as dishwasher is that the dirties are out of sight rather than hanging around the sink.

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My minimal successes in this area involve these points:

1. Adjust my expectations that doing the dishes/ kitchen once - or ten times - in the day means the kitchen will be clean later - not if anyone ever eats or drinks!

2. Put away the dishes

3. Put away the dishes

4. Put away the dishes


In other words, if I don't put away the clean dishes, there is no reasonable uncluttered place to put newly washed dishes. The best tool for this has been some mittens from Bed Bath and Beyond, that are made of drying material. So I don't have to even wait for the dish washer to finish drying dishes, or the air, and I can just put things away. I've been actively training myself to see the pile of dirty dishes, and make my response be to put away clean dishes.


This is all I can figure out, since my family rejected a minimal kitchen approach.

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I feel your pain with dish issues - I feel like all I do is deal with dishes, lol!  We have enough dishes for our family of 4 (well, 5, but our third kiddo is a baby and does not use the full-sized plates yet) for 2 meals, and I cook 3 meals/day (homeschool) so the kitchen stays busy.  Here is what I do:


-I try to make meals requiring as few pots/pans as possible (one-skillet meals, or I try to reuse pots - if I boil pasta in a pot, while it is in the collander, I may steam the broccoli in the same pot)

-we keep one cup each all day

-we immediately rinse and put our dishes in the dishwasher (unfortunately this rental house does not have the newest, nicest dishwasher!) as soon as we finish eating

-after dinner, the dishwasher is full, so we run it while we are home (I am paranoid and cannot let it run when we are not home)

-DH and/or I will unload the dishwasher after the kiddos go to bed so that in the morning, we have a free-and-clear kitchen to begin again - that is our KEY!  

-the hardest part is getting the habit going, but once it is in place, it is second nature  :)


Good luck!

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We used to have this problem. As in, it would take an entire day to get our dishes done. Two things: You have too many dishes. If you have enough to have that many dishes out, you have too many.


My husband didn't believe me on this, so I put 1/2 our dishes in the closet. It helped. Other thing is this: You HAVE to clean up as you go along. Put them up after breakfast, lunch, etc. If you don't.... well....that's how they start. Dirty dishes are like bunnies. You can't give them a chance to breed and a sink is like the Playboy Mansion to them. Soon they're going to be creating little saucers and teacups and whatnot.



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We don't have a DW anymore.  When we did, the routine was much easier!  Dishes went into the dishwasher after breakfast, lunch and dinner (snacks/glasses in between could be left in the sink until B/L/D, but that's it).  Right after dinner we'd run the dishwasher.  Any nighttime desserts or snacks went in the sink for the morning.  In the morning, empty dishwasher before anything else, then after breakfast load all new dishes. 


Now that we don't have a DW, my big fight is that my partner just keeps putting wet dishes on top of the dry dishes on the drying rack instead of putting the dry ones away first.....  AHHHH.... annoys me to no end, because then nothing ever dries well and the kitchen looks cluttered. 

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Yes to what LCBMAX says. Clearing the dishes (putting them away) is on our job-chart at home. 


I clear the previous night's supper dishes when I wake up & start the family's breakfast.  DH does the breakfast dishes (we have no  mechanical dish washer)  before he leaves for work. One of the kids is assigned to clear the breakfast dishes from the dish rack when they get home from school.  Then the assigned person does the supper dishes.


When cooking, I clean a lot as I go, using a dish cloth to dry and put things away immediately while waiting for other things to finish cooking.



Originally Posted by LCBMAX View Post

My minimal successes in this area involve these points:

1. Adjust my expectations that doing the dishes/ kitchen once - or ten times - in the day means the kitchen will be clean later - not if anyone ever eats or drinks!

2. Put away the dishes

3. Put away the dishes

4. Put away the dishes


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Rinse dishes and load the dishwasher after each meal.  Wash pots and pans immediately.  After your last meal of the day, load and turn the dishwasher on.  Unload in the morning.  Easy as pie AND if you rinse dishes right after they get used, they don't sit around long enough for food to stick to the plate and require deep scrubbing (if you have a newer dishwasher you can even skip the rinsing...mine is a dinosaur!).

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We divided the dishwasher duties and the hand-washing duties. Solved our dish problem. Neither of us feel like we are ALWAYS doing it ALL.


DH & DD (age 10) handle emptying and filling the dishwasher. If DD cannot put the items away, she at least gets them out of the dishwasher! She'll put them either where the hand-washed clean dishes air-dry or on the kitchen table (if there is no room in the other spot).


I do all the hand-washing.


I am the clean-as-I-go type, which suits hand-washing.


DH is the make a mess, ignore it until it can no longer be ignored, then clean it up type. This works well enough for the dishwasher.


He cooks more than I do and he cannot cook if the kitchen is a disaster.


On the other side, yep, we got rid of the stuff that doesn't stack or nest nicely. Period.


I only use glass or stainless steel for food. DD takes SS containers to school. DH takes glass to work. They all come home.


We have 8 of everything in the cupboards (or less, in some cases, like 4 teacups and saucers, and 7 plates because one broke). We have 8 of the things we USE in our china for company and it is in the kitchen in muslin zippered totes in a rolling cabinet (traditionally a microwave cart, but we use it differently). They get put away clean and are fairly easy to get out and don't collect dust in between uses. Win-win all around.


We use the same silverware for all dishes and we have a set of 12. Eight of each is in the drawer. The other four of each is in a box with the china (at the bottom, not easy to grab in a hurry, but easy to get when getting other china). Having 12 of everything means we can keep eating without washing dishes (use a different size plate or grab a bowl), which creates problems down the line with maintenance. Keeping the utensils to a minimum is an easy, subtle way to restrict how long a household can go between clean-ups. ;)


Glasses are challenging. We have a set that matches, but isn't quite enough, so we also have odd ones. They don't all fit well on their shelf. We use them all, so I worked on reducing our mugs, which we don't tend to use. We stash an extra glass or the stack of small ones that nest well on the mug shelf when every single glass is clean. I am tempted to give away all of our glasses and start over...our space would work best with tall skinny glasses. We each use one glass for the day, but we have frequent visitors who stop by unannounced and we entertain frequently. Three times this month, I've had 4-6 people here (plus my family or some of us). Everyone uses a glass; only some use plates or utensils. We have a friendly neighborhood and people stop by all the time!


What really got me motivated to keep my house clean (even when I don't feel well) is having people over. Sounds counter-intuitive. However, we'd clean our house before company came over. Who wants to spend all day (or SEVERAL days or sometimes WEEKS! - We've done a lot of DIY home projects and those are the biggest mess) cleaning just to have guests???? We did it anyway. The more often we had company over, the longer and longer our house stayed clean. Having people over encouraged us to KEEP our house clean and to develop new habits in order to make it faster and easier to maintain a clean house. People stop by frequently and I no longer have to do much of anything, except make sure the foyer is clear. We do put things that need to go out by the door, which can create a challenge when folks are trying to come IN. LOL It's a small space! Our house isn't perfect and I don't feel like I am cleaning all the time. In fact, I feel like I spend LESS time cleaning and our house is comfortable for US and most people who come over. Some folks may be perfectionists or clean freaks or whatever. They may not be so happy in our house. Some folks may be quite slovenly and also feel uncomfortable in our house. We fall in-between. Clean enough for us to feel comfortable inviting anyone over or inside pretty much any time, but not eat-off-the-floor-pristine-nothing-out-of-place-model-home-does-anyone-LIVE-here clean. ;)


The bottom line is developing routines that work for your family and your lifestyle.


Something for you to consider: When I had my most severe health issues, the state of my home often had a lot to do with it. Taking charge of the issues that bothered me the most has been the best thing I have ever done for my own health. Nothing to do with women's work or man's work, nor employed versus unemployed. Simply owning my own choices and reconciling what I wanted and what I had. On the flip side, when I give a task to others (DH or DD or anyone else), I give it and leave them to it. If they need help, they'll ask. If they do it wrong, is it going to kill anyone? If yes, then I don't give that task to that person! Most often, not an issue. If I can't live with imperfect results, then I should probably do that task myself. I'm not saying this is an issue for you, I'm just saying this helps me gain cooperation with others. Micro-managing annoys most everyone...

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