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How to Prepare??

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I just wanted to start a thread (maybe there are old ones) on how to prepare for the "return to fertility" after having a baby :)


My DS just turned one, and I am starting to feel signs that lead me to believe that I may see AF return in the not too distant future.  DH and I conceived DS without planning, so I have not been truly acquainted with my own inner workings.  We avoided pregnancy before by assuming I had an average cycle and using the "pull and pray" method, and I got pregnant when my DH decided on a whim that he was ready to give it a shot.  (We had been talking on and off about trying).


So, what i want to know is, how do i get myself in good shape to TTC again? I don't necessarily want to TRY try right now, I just would like to do things to get my body in a good place so that when we are ready to try we have the best chance at a healthy pregnancy.  Or even how to know how to anticipate the return of AF.  i may even want to avoid for a little while longer since DS isn't eating a whole lot of solids yet. 


Anyway, anybody have any advice? anyone else in the same place? what are your thoughts??



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I think the best way to prepare for and anticipate returning fertility is to chart your fertility symptoms.  I use the Creighton Model, but there is a vast array of methods to choose from.  Knowing exactly what your body is doing, reproductive-system-wise, is really helpful.  Take a peek at the TTC and TTA threads.... 

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thanks....i think i just have a good amount of reading, and er,exploring to do :)

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I would start by getting a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler... it is wonderful

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