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*****~January 2011 DDC Babies~*****

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How are we all doing? We are getting close to a year now!
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Abbott is ten months old now! He's been crawling for a couple months now and is taking small steps between furniture. He's about 22 lbs, and has huge shoulders, so it's hard to squeeze him into 12 month clothing, lol. He's been sick for about 3 weeks now. First roseola, really bad case of it. 104 fever for 4 days, even with meds. It got pretty scary, he didn't eat, nurse, talk, move, etc... We ended up at the er once. Then he got a cold, and just when it started to dry up, he was hit with a much worse cold. His cough just breaks my heart. All the kids got this round. Ugh. Fun times.

Soooo, what's new with everyone? Updates? New pregnancies?
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Awe  poor baby sick already :( My kiddos have stayed healthy this year, thank God.


Jeana is 9.5 months now. She's 21 lbs and has been crawling for several months. She stands up in the middle of the room and has on occasion taken a few steps to me, but she still seems a bit nervous about the whole idea of walking. She cruises and climbs steps very quickly though! Jeana wears 18 mo shirts b/c she's so thick and has such a long torso, and then 12 mo pants because she is so short, but they sort of squeeze her a bit because of her thighs! Haha. 


She waves hi and bye. She says Mama, Dada, brother (bra-tha), and up, and she signs for milk and tired and potty. I already feel her babyness starting to evaporate and I just want to hold on! I'm not ready for her to grow up yet, especially since I can't imagine being ready for another babe anytime soon.


How are all the other 01/11 babes?

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I know! It's sucks! We had a pretty healthy fall last year, I guess we're making up for it greensad.gif

I love hearing about other Jan babies! I hope some more stop by!
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No one else? greensad.gif
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Micah actually just turned a year a few days ago.  It is hard to believe!   He is right around 18lbs and wears mostly 12 month clothes.


He is a champion crawler and has figured out how to navigate the 2 steps between the family room and kitchen (going up--he still hasn't figured out the down part).  His favorite game is to start climbing up the stairs to the 2nd floor--I am constantly after him.  He is so dang proud of himself though!  He is also cruising around the furniture but can't balance at all on his own yet.


He loves eating and ate more than my 4yo and 6yo combined at Thanksgiving dinner today.  He couldn't get enough of all of the wonderful food.  He is also still nursing quite a bit.  My main goal right now is to make it through the winter for the immunity benefits and we will evaluate again next spring.


He still isn't babbling much but he also has been hitting his other milestones at the far end of normal (even after adjusting for being born 2 months early).  We have his 1 year check-up next week and I will be talking to his ped about it.  He is getting over a cold and this is the first one where we have not ended up at the doctor needing steroids!  I am beyond excited!  His pulminologist thinks he has "floppy airways" because he is a noisy breather even when not sick but his lungs sound clear.  The good news is that it is something that is outgrown by around 2 years old but we just have to deal with him having a junky sounding cough until then.  We also have to do a Barium swallow study next week which involves him not eating for 4 hours beforehand  and then us driving in rush hour traffic in the morning.  I'm not looking forward to it at all!  I'm thinking of stopping by his NICU on the way home because we haven't been back since he was released and they like to see their graduates.

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Yay! Another one! Can't believe one of our babies is already one, wow, this year went by so quickly... I already miss my little baby, lol.
Abbott loved thanksgiving also, and actually slept a better last night than he ever has. Not that I expect a repeat tonight. Maybe need to stuff him full of turkey dinner every day!
We celebrated our November 2006 baby's birthday today, he is now five! busy, busy day...
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Gotta run, dirty diaper is calling me!
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My mom commented that Thanksgiving is a perfect meal for this age--lots of soft foods!  Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas or green beans, rolls, and even turkey is easy for them to mash up with no teeth.


My mom made a cranberry sauce that had pears, apples, cranberries and cinnamon in it.  Micah couldn't get enough of it.  (I couldn't either-LOL!)

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We just had our first fever! I'm not sure exactly how high it got (I rushed to a lukewarm bath around 103...) but we're no worse for the wear. What a way to spend vacation *eye roll*


He can stand but refuses to do so! It's kind of funny...


He eats almost as much as his 2.5yo brother. Sometimes I think he'll wean early because he LOVES food. Like, will nurse for a bit and then devour a meal.

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Well, we had two nights of great sleep. And by great I mean, bed at 8ish, nurse at midnight, 4 or 5, then wake at 730 ish. So by no means sleeping all night, lol. Then he got sick AGAIN. I swear this kid has been sick more than my other two combined as a baby. So he's been up all night coughing again. I haven't felt great either, ugh.
I found tooth number 5 this morning! And number 6 is right there! Awwww....
I couldn't get him to sleep last night, he was so busy trying to WALK! He never got more than one step tho, so I'm not counting it yet.
I am so loving hearing about your babies! Let's keep updating!
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We made an extra thanksgiving meal, he loves it! Tonight is turkey soup, yum!
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Hey guys!  We were in the Jan DDC - due date Jan 28th and Elliott was born on Feb 2nd.  So he'll be 10 months old on Dec 2nd.  He started crawling around 8.5 months and immediately was pulling up like crazy too.  He also climbs on anything he can!  He's been about average with when he starts doing things but once he starts, he's off!  Oh, the only thing is that maybe he hasn't been interested in food like some of his other baby friends.  He's just now starting to show some interest.


Elliott sleeps with me at night and he usually nurses a couple of times but goes right back to sleep.  He goes to bed around 9 and is up for the day around 9, which is wonderful for me because I am NOT a morning person!  He takes two naps a day but sometimes they are only 30 minutes.  He sleeps ON me, which is usually nice but sometimes I am really itching to get some things done.  Elliott recognizes a lot of words!  He says ma ma and da da but ma ma is the only one that seems to have meaning....it usually means pick me up!


P.S.  Elliott is a mere 17 lbs.  Skinny little guy!

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hi folks, the twins reached 11 months yesterday and wow it has been a great year!


they have grown up in very different ways, so much that i might not notice but i constantly do since i have two


dd does nearly everything first dispute bing much smaller, she had hovered about 3 pounds less than ds but is slowly getting closer, they are currently 19 and 21lbs


ds has just finally gotten to crawling in the last 3 weeks and sometimes pulls himself to his knees, dd has crawled for 2 months and started pulling up to a stand the day after she mastered crawling, she is a very driven little girl!


they both love food but have had just a little here and there, mostly because I'm kinda lazy and nursing is just so much easier than juggling two messy eaters. but i am working on giving them something to much on each day now, so hopefully i will get better at it. they had a blast at thanksgiving dinner! their body shapes are totally diffenrt and he is now getting big for a lot of his 12 month clothes and she is wearing his handle downs even a lot of 9 month stuff still. no words yet, just tons of babble


for halloween they were little red riding hood and the (not so)big (not so)bad woof, she thought he was a stuffed animal and would shriek in glee every time she looked at him, it was cuter than should be legal

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How cute is that adorkable! We made superhero capes for all of ours kids... And James.
Abbott is still super sick. Going on 4 weeks with a cough now. And of course the drs here don't even want to see him, but my stepmom is a nurse five hours away and said she'd get him in today if we lived there. When I tried to talk to the nurse here she just cut me off and said to give him mucinex. And this is the only dr who would take new patients. Sometimes small towns suck.
Sorry for the rant, it's been a hard few days here.

Anyhoo, we are on Facebook if anyone wants to share baby pics. Let me know!
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We've got a walker! I posted here already but DD started walking yesterday and I couldn't resist joy.gif. I knew she'd be an early walker since she's seemed in a hurry for just about everything since she was born. I really am amazed how joyful it is and how I feel proud and stuff (as if I learned to walk? LOL). I thought it would somehow be less exciting since she's not my first but I was wrong! It's  pretty cool.



So sorry to hear about all these sick babies greensad.gif. My DS has come down with a bit of a cold but sleeping alright with some cold care tea. I'm keeping a close eye on what him & DD are playing with together trying  to all ends to keep her from getting it too!



Coughs with babies are so frustrating... because  you know a little tea & honey would go a long way coating their throat, but they're too young to drink it!

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Yay! A walker! We were so close, but he's been feeling bad again and not trying too much.

I'm starting to think it's a food allergy, so we're backing up and going back to simple foods. greensad.gif
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MPsSweetie--Is he eating dairy?  I would probably cut that out first.  :(  I believe dairy can cause congestion which could be triggering his coughing.


Micah actually called me Mama yesterday.  Of course, knowing him, he won't do it again for a while.  :P


He had his barium swallow earlier this week and everything came back looking good so that it one thing we can check off.  I wasn't expecting problems, but the doctor wanted to be sure.


His sleep has been super-crappy again the past few nights.  He seems to just have trouble settling again some times.  Too often he is just awake for an hour or so in the middle of the night and then he is waking between 5 and 5:30 am.  That is a bit too early for me!  It really doesn't work for our schedule either because then he wants to hang out and nurse around 7:30 but we have to be out the door by 8 or 8:15 (depending on if we are walking or driving) to get the older 2 kids to school.  Ugh.  In a perfect world, he would wake once to nurse and then sleep until 7.  Oh well, the other two turned into great sleepers around 3 so there is still hope.  The funny thing is, I brought him to bed with me last night (he never really enjoyed co-sleeping) and he fell asleep for a couple of hours.  He didn't even cuddle with me though.  

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Kai was born on 1/11/11 and has been walking since he was 9 months.  Totally crazy!  He's already so proficient at it and has now started climbing everything.  I am in for it with this little guy!  Sleeping is going pretty well.  He goes to bed at 7 and wakes up sometime between 4 and 5 and then goes back to sleep until 6.  He has 4 top teeth and 3 bottoms and is loving food!

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He has tried some yogurt, but no other dairy. We don't each much of it around here. I did get him in to the dr today. I figured he would be completely healthy by the time I got him in, but he sounded awful! She diagnosed him with a sinus infection. His lungs sound clear and no ear infection. So as much as I hate to give him abx, he started tonight. I clearly wasn't able to get rid of the infection by myself. So I hope he feels better soon, I am SO tired, omg. Doesn't help the my 5 y/o ds has turned completely rotten, ugh. And my dhs health has gone down the tubes. greensad.gif
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