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I just typed this all up and then there was an 'error' and I couldn't post it. So, here it goes again:


I've been feeling fine, but this afternoon when I went to pee I had a pea-sized brownish-red clot in my panties. The midwife said since it was so small and dark, not to worry too much. Then, I had another clot, slightly bigger, and bit lighter in color. Also some more brown blood. I went home, and passed a 3rd clot and some brighter blood. The midwife recommended that I make an appointment and have an ultrasound tomorrow to check everything out. My appointment is at 10am which seems like forever from now. I am so nervous...I hope baby is ok. I hope all this exposure to ultrasound doesn't do any harm (this will be our 3rd ultrasound!). I hope the bleeding stops. The midwife told me to relax, but that is easier said than done.


Please send positive vibes our way! ...and if you have any personal stories about how you had bleeding and clots and baby turned out just fine, Id love to hear them :-)

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Meredith hug2.gif


Hope your ultrasound looks good. If your midwife is confident, I would take that as a good sign.

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Sending positive energy and prayers your way Meredith! Here's to a happy and healthy ultrasound tomorrow!



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Oh Meredith!  How scary!


Usually, I think, at this point clots mean a placental thing.  Seems like most people have a short bout of bed rest to let it heal up a bit, and then go on as normal.  Subchorionic Hemorahage (excuse my horrid spelling), I think is what it is called.


Try not to worry.  You've seen a healthy baby with a healthy heartbeat...odds are very much in your favor.

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How scary. I will pray for a reassuring ultrasound tomorrow.  hug2.gif

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Praying for you and baby. 


Let me know if I can do anything!

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I hope the ultrasound brings good news tomorrow.  We'll be thinking about you.  ((((HUGS))) & prayers

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I hope the ultrasound comes quickly and with good news!

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How scary! Sending you all kinds of good wishes and happy baby vibes. Hope you get in for that ultrasound fast!


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Hi Meredith. Big Hugs to you.

Just1more said exactly what I was thinking. Will check back in in a few hours for good news :)

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Meredith- You've been on my mind throughout the night. I hope that you were able to get some rest and I am praying that the news is great news today. Like everyone else said, I'm sure that everything is fine with your little bean. Please take a little comfort in the fact that we are all wrapping our virtual arms around you grouphug.gif.

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Thinking of you this morning! Praying you get good news!
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We had our appointment & found out that I have broken capillaries on my cervix, which has no impact on the baby - phew! I'm so relieved. The doctor said cervix is vascular and these things happen. While bleeding is scary, this particular kind of bleeding is not an indication that something is wrong with baby. He told me to rest and stay off my feet as much as possible for a couple days and everything should be fine. Cervix looked closed and a good length. Placenta was fine. Baby wasn't moving much but had a strong heartbeat and the ultrasound tech said she could tell the gender!! We asked her not to tell us...but I was watching closely when she was looking down there and did not see anything sticking out. My guess is still a girl. I measured 15 weeks 3 days so I'm still measuring a week ahead. I don't know why they keep saying "you're measuring a week ahead" and not just change my due date to reflect that. 


Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I love you ladies! 

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SO relieved Meredith!!  Oh MAN am I jealous.. I can't believe you girls who don't wanna know the gender!!!  It was right there and you didn't ask... wow!!  I wanna know NOW!! I can hardly control myself lol!  Anyways, rest and be happy your lil one is fine :)  YAY!

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That is wonderful news Meredith and the kind I was hoping we would all receive!

Big Hugs.



Girl, eh? That would be kind of neat since you have boys right?

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Oh thank goodness Meredith!!! I am so happy for you!!! Now RELAX and I hope your hubby is off for the weekend so that you can get spoiled! Has the bleeding stopped? I didn't know that you didn't want to find out. I wish that we were that strong. We are just like janellody, we cannot wait to find out!

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What a relief!  I am so glad everything is fine.  

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If it weren't for hubby, I would have found out the gender. For some reason it means so much to him to have a surprise this time, so we are waiting. We thought about asking her to write it down and seal it in an envelope so we could peek later if curiosity got the better of us, but hubby knows I'd open it right away so we just said "Don't tell us anything!" I'd love to have a daughter but I'd be delighted with a 3rd son also. I'm still having brown spotting here & there but no more clots since last night. I took a nap this afternoon & have been taking it easy. Hopefully the spotting will stop soon.
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This is such good news, Meredith. I'm so glad baby is doing well. Rest well.

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Wonderful news, Meredith!  I'm so happy everything looks fine.  Get plenty of rest this weekend.  I know, maybe easier said than done.  :-)

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