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Loving the name thread!

Courtney - I really like Jillian and Coraline.  A Coraline would also have a pretty cool Neil Gaiman book to go along with her name one day too.

Jess - Errol and Quentin would be my picks.  I think Quentin is especially fun since this one will be your fifth!

Daylicious - I love the Clementine and Madeline names, but the rhyming might be too much.  I think Poppy would be really nice!  I think my favourite of the boy names is Jasper.  I keep debating adding Jasper to our list too!

Chiro - I like both of those names - I can't choose one!

Wendy - I love Serenity and Lucian! :)

I'll post my lists in a separate post.

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I guess the girl names aren't needed anymore, but here were the top contenders anyways:

Our top contenders for a boy are currently:
Peregrine (Peri/Perin)
Possible middle names: Avery, Lindsay, Rhys
Thoughts/Suggestions?  I liked Peregrine Avery... but then realized it was close to Peregrine Aviary and that made me laugh. :p

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Laura, I really like Peregrine, but one thing to keep in mind is that it is the name of a hobbit (Peregrin Took/Pippin from Lord of the Rings). I have an acquaintance who named her son Thorin (second biggest character in The Hobbit) and gave me weird looks when I referred to him as her "little dwarf."


I LOVE Lindsay as a middle name. Part of me really wants to bring back the girly boy names to the boy side, but that didn't work out this time (we're going with Tavian Miles Alexander).

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I love naming threads, and I love everyone's choices.


Whitaker is my #1 fave right now, for a boy, but I have a "W" last name, and it sounds terrible.  Sad. 


So, here's my list, with possible middle names mixed in:




Thomas (Either first or middle, if we have a boy.  It's my DHs middle name, my dad's first, and countless ancestors)



Whitaker (I'm keeping it on there just in case my husband decides we should change our last name in the next 4 months...)





Edythe * (This is likely going to be the first name if it's a girl, after my grandma)





Evangeline (nn Vangy - my middle name)





So, today I like Thomas Booth for a boy and Edythe Soleil for a girl.  I like Booth as a first name, but DH isn't sold, and, even though his middle name is Thomas, he doesn't like Tommy as a nick name, so he's worried about that too.  I say Booth like "sooth" and he says it like "tooth" and he thinks it would be confusing. I told him he would just have to learn how to say it, it's a family name.  While I'm 99% set on Edythe, I'm up for suggestions on all others.  We've got no requirements, just nothing too common.  I've already got an Elliot (Eli) Max and a Silas Jeremiah.


I'm going to have to comment separately on others posts.

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I had the name Eowyn picked out for a girl, but now that we know baby is a boy I have no idea!


Here is our list so far:


Caspian( dh's fave so far)


Wulfic( I think Wulfie as a nick name would be really cute)

Eomer ( dh hates this one)




and dh has shot down any others that I have suggested. He is mostly refusing to settle on any at this point. I don't even know what we're going to use as a middle name. I think Wulfric flows best with our last name ( Harle Von Hansmeyer). I'm much better with girls names.

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Thursday Girl:

Like I said, I LOVE Whitaker, and I think your whole name goes together beautifully!  And, I love the idea of using March as a middle. My mom would adore that!  But, Jane is my favourite from your list.  Simple and classic, but not too common.


Jess in Hawaii:

I like Percival, Loki and Cypress.  I think it's great that it's your kids that are nixing names.  My baby sister (#8) was born when my oldest sister was 20.  It honestly took three months AFTER she was born for all of us to agree on a name.  I'm sure that my mom had the ultimate say, but we were all involved, and I loved that.  Oh, and I love Isadore as well.


Um, I totally love your list. I can't narrow it down.  I love the nn Ever, and I think Fable is fantastic.  As for boys, Holden, Sullivan and Ephraim are my faves.



I like William Archer.  I haven't loved William before, but I think with Archer it goes perfectly.


I like Adelaide the best, but all your names are fantastic.  We have a redheaded sister (the only 1 in 8) and her name is Holly Allegra.  We have always called her Holly Berry.)  For boys, I like Hawthorne a lot.  Hawthorne Rhys sounds great.



I love Sirius and River.  Sirius from Harry Potter, and my favourite horse I have ever owned was River (and no, I am not adverse to naming my children after past horses!)


Kay, I think I got them all.  Keep em coming ladies.  I love this.

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Ashley - If we name him Peregrine, I might even take to calling him my "little hobbit". ;)  We love LotR around these parts so it is not a deterrent, but it wasn't the origin of the name choice for us.  We just like it.  I love Lindsay as a middle name too - it feels dated as a girl's name but not so much for a boy for some reason.  We'd use it primarily as a nod to my maternal grandmother because she was from Scotland and that was her maiden/clan name.  Plus DH loves Lindsay Buckingham so that doesn't hurt either.

Jennyvangy - Thomas Booth and Edythe Soleil both sound lovely to me!

Ravensong - Eowyn would have been a lovely name.  For a boy, I really like all of your names actually!  I guess my faves would be Caspian, Wulfic or River.  The Harry Potter fan in me is a little smitten with Sirius too. ;)

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hazelbranch- Peregrine is on my list too, but I didn't put it because it's actually really special to me and I didn't want to go public with it but it will likely end up as part of the name. It is part of my magickal name and if I had everything to do over again, I would give it to all my children as a last name. So of course I like it! My second boy's middle name is Hawthorne smile.gif


ravensong- all good choices! I don't remember if I wrote Marius on my first post, but it is the one suggestion of my other boys' that I'm kind of considering -my eldest and his good friend pretend to be brothers by the names of Marius and Lestat Giovanni, so he suggested all these, tho I may have only put Lestat because I wrote the ones I definitely will not be using winky.gif

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Laura: Great! I don't think most LotR names are deterrents, but it's one of those if you're going to name your kid after a popular geeky character, you should know it. DH nixed Malcolm because it has too much geek cred right now.


Jennyvangy: This midwesterner says "sooth" and "tooth" the same way. I've never heard them pronounced differently.

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Hazelbranch I love Peregrin and the nickname Perin is sweet like candy. and I am with sunflower on the bringing back names stolen from the girls. Lindsay, Kelly, Ashley, and Courtney should all once again belong to boys.

Jennyvangy, Whitaker is the best. I still think I might get to use it. Cash was on our list for years. When I hear Booth I just think Lincoln. Hermione is one of my favorite girls names and I LOVE Hazel too.


Ravensong- I like Wulfie, I think it's great, I tried to talk hubs into Wolfgang but he said no. I also like Roosevelt and would TOTALLY call him Rosie, I think me telling Hubs that was the nail in the coffin.




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Ashley, so glad you said that about "sooth" and "tooth"...I've literally been obsessed today saying the two over and over again in my head (I broke away from it for a few minutes in class, but then my darn GSI had to mention a sooth-sayer and my brain was back at it *sigh*). I just couldn't figure out if there was some subtlety I was missing or if I was maybe pronouncing "sooth" wrong...it'd be really neat to hear the differences to see how much change it would make to the name Booth though. Actually I think I'm off to research the pronunciation!

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Couldn't find any differences listed on line, but then it suddenly occurred to me...maybe she meant more like the sound of "soothe". I can see Booth being pronounced more like that, and making a big difference. Then again I could just stop hypothesizing for a second and see if she replies again...I either need to sleep more, or learn to obsess when tired less.

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hazelbranch, I LOVE Peregrine (sp?).  I do know of a girl with that name, but never heard of the LotR character.  I'm so out of touch!  One of my professors named her sons John and Thor, which is sort of LotR-esque IMO.  I always felt bad for John.  I love Adalaide, too.  Lots of nickname possibilities.  And Peregrine Aviary made me laugh too.


Ravensong, I like Caspian, River, and Wulfie.  Caspian makes me think of a friend I had named Ciprian.  They called him Chip.   Wulfie reminds me of one of the bad boys in A Christmas Story, but I don't remember which one, so I doubt anyone else would even think of that.  And it would be lovely with your last name!


jennyvangy, i LOVE Edythe for a girl.  My grandma is Ruth, and her sisters were Edith, Gladys, and Aileen.  I love love love old lady names.  Also Ruby, Vera, Eleanor...  Wanted to suggest Sloane (girl) and Payton/Peyton (either) for your list, if they interest you.  DD's middle name is Ruth, and this baby's middle name will be Jean (after my other grandma).


If this is a boy (and I don't really think it is, but who knows), his name will be Zane Archer, which was our boy name for DD.  DH loves it, so I'm letting him have it without any fight.  I think it will give me leverage on the circ "discussion."


Our "long" girl list:











Beryl (too weird for DH)











Sadie (once had a dog with this name, my parents would flip)

Marion (a family name, which I love, but the double n-thing...)

Natalie (too popular)

Lainey (maybe short for Elaine or Eleanor or something?)



But really its down to Mallory, Sydney, and Marion.  U/s is on Tuesday.  Need to do another post for the names on the first page!

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Courtney: Glad I'm not the only girl with a modern girl/traditional boys name who thinks it should go back to the boys. Also, I have an adult friend who is Jonathan W. Booth. Yeah, we're not sure what his parents were thinking.


I will say that anyone will see Booth and pronounce it like "tooth" and not "soothe" (which is very different from sooth). So if the th is supposed to be voiced you need the e.


Yes, I'm a spelling and phonetics nerd. So much so I actually get Irish spelling! Did you know that Kevin was originally Caoibhin, and that that spelling really does make sense?

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Well, I've never classified myself as a spelling nerd by any means, but I can understand the spelling you put and why that makes perfect sense!


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Wow, this is already hard to keep up with! 


Wendy- I love your kids' names, especially Jubilee. I will have to mention that one to DH...


We don't really have a list right now. Our son is Samuel Joseph Cassius and our daughter is Rebekah Faye, so we have Sam and Bekah. We are definately more traditional with names.


A boy will likely be Jedidiah, though we don't have a middle name picked out. I like Timothy, but I know too many people with that name and I don't want it to seem like we are naming him after them. Paul is another middle name contender. Our boy names last time were Charles or Thomas with the middle name Kenneth, after my dad. I don't really like those first names anymore, and my sister named her son after my dad, so I don't feel tied to that middle name anymore.


Had our son been a girl, we were going to use Eva (ee-va) Grace. Now I see Ava at the top of the name charts, so I don't want to go there. I like Aletheia (it means truth) for a first name, and my husband likes Grace. No middle name thoughts at all.


We have a long way to go, and quite a while to get there. I love seeing all the ideas here!

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Thursday, I like Jillian and Coraline best.  Also Jemma, that you mentioned a while back. What about Lee, Leigh, or Linny/Lenny (Think Wonder Pets, not Of Mice and Men) as nicknames for William?


chiromama, Archer is our boy middle name too!  We saw it on a tombstone just after we got married and loved it--General Somebody Archer Something.  It was in Mystic, CT--any chance that's where your Grandma is from?  We won't do Archer for a first name because DD has bright orange hair, and along the "Archie" association thing--I wouldn't do that to a kid.  Maybe if he was really dark, like DH...  I like Colin Archer a lot.  Archer and Graham together in any order sound too sweet too me--like a pie crust! 


daylicious, I like Everleigh and Nora best from your list, especially with Valentine.



All of the name talk is really getting me excited about this baby! 

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I love so many of these names! I'm very biased to Soleil, jennyvangy because that is my 16 year old daughter's middle name. :)


These are the one I'm thinking:











Finnegan (Finn)









Maxine (after my Grandma...but Max for short)





Sunday (if apropos)


(The kids I already have are Asasia Soleil, Damian Jouron, Jaiden Cooper and Mackenzie Grace)






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Haha.  Sorry about the pronunciation confusion. I should have reread my post before I posted.  Yes, I would pronounce Booth like soothe.  Missed the "E".  And the Lincoln connection doesn't matter at all to me for various reasons, but mostly because I'm from Canada an no one here would make that connection or care if they did.  It was my mom's favourite uncle's name, who never had any children.  I've always thought it would be nice to have him remembered.



I love Sloane and Vera.  My grandma (and two of my sisters) were named from a line in "The Children's Hour" by Longfellow: "Grave Alice, and laughing Allegra/ And Edith with golden hair."  My oldest sister is Alice, and my next youngest sister is Holly Allegra. I'm not sure why my great grandma changed the spelling of Edythe, but I like it.   Although I don't have any naming requirements, I find I like names with meanings: either literary references, or family names, or Biblical names, etc.  And, I LOVE old lady names.  No one has mentioned it, and while it's not on my list, I have a niece named Marigold.  It is so sweet.  I love it. 

And, while I love lots of names on your long list (Adia is great) my favourite on your short list is Marion.  One of my friends just named her baby Isla, which I think fits on your list too. 


I love Cassius and your spelling of Rebekah!  And I think Jedidiah is great.  Zedekiah and Jedidiah were on my list for my last baby.  Maybe they need to go back on.



Your names are fantastic. My husband's family speaks French, he went to French school growing up, and he lived in France for 2 year on a Mission. I've wanted to find a French name I love, and while Soleil is a little non-traditional, I think it fits the bill.  Also on my French list, although they don't work with Edythe, so they will stay on the back burner until next baby, are Josephene, Esme and Giselle. On your list I love Jude and Malachi for boys and Clementine and Harlowe for girls.  Okay, I love them all, but those the most.



As much as I love naming threads, they are dangerous because they don't help me narrow down, they only add to my lists! I suppose I'm either going to have to start giving multiple middle names or have 18 children.


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jenny, ROTFL at having 18 kids to use all the names you like!!!!

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