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Recommend your nursing cover

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Hi all-


My nursing cover just screams "I'm breastfeeding!"  It is bright pink with flowers and was given to me as a gift. I must say that when I used it at the mall the other day, I felt a little uncomfortable.  I was wondering if any of ya'll have one that is a bit more discreet that you could recommend?  Maybe one that looks more like an article of clothing or shawl?  There are a few that I've seen on Amazon, but before I go and spend the $, I thought I would ask for recommendations...I should say that I am working on building up my confidence about nursing in public!  It is stressful though!  I hope one day I will just whip out "the girls" and not care! 



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Not sure how covered you want to be, but I just wear nursing tanks that cover the top part of my breast, and drape a fluffy fleece baby blanket over the opposite shoulder and around Luke's head. He doesn't like anything covering his face already.  I am planning to knit a pretty shawl that I can use as a nursing cover but for now, the blanket works really well and no one can see any skin at all.  Since Luke goes nuts if he can't nurse the second he decides he's ready, we've had several opportunities to nurse in public. :)

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I don't really give a hoot about exposing my hooters, but I also don't like making people uncomfortable either. We've mostly used a blanket. Once I used my raincoat though and no one really knew he was under there. LOL I'll probably use the raincoat again, as it seems to be convenient (I wear it everywhere), large enough, casual looking and comfortable for him. Then again, I'm a minimalist and I think everything should be multi-purpose, and I can't stand the idea of a gadget for every purpose.

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I LOVE my nursing shirts.  I've never liked those nursing covers.  They scream EEK I'm hiding my nursing baby.  I can be way more discreet in my nursing shirts....nursing, arrange the cloth so extra boob shows and walk around with my nursing babe and no one knows the difference.  I've had so many people come up to me wanting to see the baby and have no clue I was breastfeeding until I told them.  If I have a shirt on that pulls down and leaves my chest unclothed I'll throw a blanket over my shoulder to drape across my chest, but not cover baby.  

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Check out http://mommby.com/Store.php for the MOMMBY Peek-a-Bye-Baby cover. I invented it and sew it because I wanted a cover that didn't scream I'm nursing. It has two panels so you can nurse with both panels attached (hidden magnetic fasteners) or you can remove the bottom panel if you just need coverage on the top and don't want to fully cover your baby. It is meant to be a nursing cover where you pull your shirt down from the top rather than up. It also functins as a burp cloth. When you're finished using the cover it folds into the bottom panel which becomes a travel pouch. I hope you find a cover you like! Enjoy nursing! Take care.

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I love my mamascarf i had a apron hooter hider type cover and my son would get so hot under it. the mamascarf is so light and compact. and i love that i can see my son and that he can see me. <3

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I've become like Mommel with the exposure, plus my son thinks cloth is the best toy ever so anything that goes over his head becomes the focus.  But back when he was less distractable and I wanted to be more discreet, I just draped an aiden & anais muslin swaddle over my shoulder and down over the baby.  They are light and pack small, and in addition to being less warm than a regular blanket, they also kinda cling to your shoulder and don't fall off as easily. 

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