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Birth Affirmations

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I wrote these awhile ago and didn't think to share them here til now.  I admit they're tailored to my own spiritual/energetic worldview, but of course you can edit them as needed love.gif  Maybe they'll be helpful to you? 

I am the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Mother Goddess, the Bringer of Life Force to the Earth.

My body is imprinted with the wisdom of the ages, to birth babies as we have done for thousands of years.

I relax, open to feeling the energy of this moment in all its divine power.

I allow and welcome the waves of cosmic energy to swell within me, break on the shores within, and wash away any anxiety, pain, or fear.

The flowing life-force energy cascades through me.

I am a channel for this loving power-flow, opening a sacred portal between worlds.

I feel the power within me, surrounding me, and know that I am strong.

I surrender to the cosmic flow of the universe; feeling it, observing it, riding the waves of divine energy.

Fear and pain are washed away in the ebb and flow of these cosmic waves.

My body is wise and strong.

As the pressure builds, I feel my body opening, stretching, surrendering to the waves.

I am blooming like a sacred lotus flower, creating a space between the worlds for my baby to come through.

I am enveloped in divine wisdom and love.

My body is sacred, and I trust its ancient knowledge.

My mind is free, my heart is light, and my spirit is one with this child–with All That Is.

I trust in the rhythm of my body and my baby.

I am unafraid, at peace; and I welcome this experience with courage and strength.

I put my trust in the Divine Wisdom of the Universe–in all that is.

There is no way out but THROUGH.

There is nothing to fear–only LOVE.

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Oh my gosh! I can't believe I had forgotten birth affirmations! I need to print some off and post them up around my house. lol I have to add, that I love your affirmations. I'm stealing a couple.


I'm guessing the birth must have been quick, since you posted this 4 hours ago. lol.gif

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Looks like these worked for you Krystal!  You should have posted weeks ago!   lol.gif  We're all dying for the details!!!!!!!!!  But I'm sure you're snuggling that baby right now and getting so much needed sleep.

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Thanks for sharing!  My birth affirmations are so plain and simple compared to yours, but it works for me.   :) 

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