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Pocono Medical Center: experiences/opinions about birthing there?

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What can anyone tell me about Pocono Medical Center as a place to give birth (assuming one wants a relatively natural, low-intervention birth)? Their c-section rate is pretty decent according to the state statistics, but that's all I know about it.

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I have yet to give birth there, however after doing a lot of research my husband and I have chosen Pocono for our delivery. Our son was born at Hackettstown Hospital, great place. Too far. Due in September our next will be closer to home at PMC. 

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as far as comparing to other hospitable in the area they do not have a stellar reputation - they have had recent "staffing" issues 


personally they got fined by the state for what they did to my DS (he was not born there but had his PKU done there) - and if you really like to pay (since they have a great reputation of OVER billing)- this is the place to go! not only in my case did they SAY they conducted tests on my DS that they DID NOT DO and had no authorization to do (this is where the state got involved), they over billed my insurance company 500%!  


talk to locals who have been in the area for years to get a better picture - read the Pocono Record archives as well


my ped has privileges there but UNDERSTOOD and had us use another ped friend at a LV hospitable for our birth


I still have the message saved on my answering machine when they asked us not to sue them! angry.gif


unless you can't get some place else - I would sooner say home and this is not just for a birth


I have had a bad experience and I know others that have had far worse things happen to them- I know many in the medical profession in the area and none go there.


check our what you are being told and verify it the best you can and see what other options you might have


regarding the c rate - this might have to do with them not doing births for awhile not a true picture 


ETA - the local editorial staff backed the workers - you might find the comments at the papers web site - http://www.seiuhealthcarepa.org/hospitals/pmc/default.aspx (on right hand side) 




you just need to do some digging and check on personal recommendations in the community - MOST go to the LV for a reason


this happened at the same time of our problem and no one could even answer my complaint at the time because I was told "we are currently in turmoil" but they had to answer to the state dept of health and my insurance co http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080125/NEWS/801250355


in a timely manner NOT me according  to Pocono!

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I had my son @ pocono medical. If I knew then what I know now I would of taken my chances giving birth @ home.

Shortly after arriving I was told my unborn child had heart had problems. Naturally, I was very concerned about this. Also, b/c my babies heart was "too weak" I was not allowed to have any medication to help with labor pain. So, I was in extreme pain & extremely worried about my babies health the whole time. After an eternity the doctors changed shifts. When the new doctor arrived he noticed the irregular heart beat on the monitor & instructed the nurse to put a pillow under my left side. Once the pillow was in place my babies heart beat was normal. It was a huge relief to know that my childs heart was fine, especially after hours of worrying, however @ this point I was too far into labor to be allowed any medication. It was the most painful experience of my life, but I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! I didn't know that there was more TORTURE yet to come.
After delivery I was wheeled into a private room. No one told me I couldn't get up yet & I was anxious to see my beautiful baby. I got up & gushed blood everywhere. After being yelled at, I cleaned it all up. I was instructed to go to bed & stay there & my visitors where asked to leave so that I could rest. Over 24hrs passes. As some of you know, you are not allowed to drink anything during labor, so its been over 36hrs since I had anything to drink & I was beyond THIRSTY. Finally I go out of my room & say "I'm sorry, I know I'm not suppose to leave my room & I'm not allowed to drink anything, but I'm beyond thirsty. So can you please point me in the direction of a soda machine & just look the other way". The woman freaked out & rushed me back to my room. Shortly afterwards I was brought a pitcher of orange juice & was told they FORGOT I WAS THERE. The doctor came in a few minutes later & joked about forgetting about me & asked if I could feel my legs.
That night my son was brought into my room. We both fell asleep, with him laying on top of my belly. Although this is my fondest memory of my stay @ PMC, I now realize how dangerous it was to sleep all night with my son on my belly. Thank GOD I didn't roll over.
Before leaving the hospital a woman came in & TOLD ME MY SON WAS DEAF. I spent the first 2 weeks of my sons life thinking he was deaf. I went through such a wide range of emotions such as guilt, fear, etc. Words can not explain what that felt like. I wondered how I was going to learn & teach sign language. Would my child grow up & blame me? Was it my fault? I was mad & sad that my baby was not getting a fair start @ life. So many thoughts & emotions can run through you in 2 weeks! There where times that my son would wake up & cry & I swore he could hear... My family all said I was in denial.
When my son was 2 weeks old I took him to the doctors. Turns out he just had fluid in ears (which is common). He actually has 100% hearing!

If you couldn't tell that was my 1st born child. Might just possibly be the reason why I don't have any more children.
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while personal accounts are very important - hard facts/grades all show how things are - http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20121202/NEWS/212020333

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I have a friend who is looking for care for her pregnancy in the Pocono area... It's looking like Pocono Medical is not the place to go.


I do know of a newer midwife practice in Lehighton that delivers at St. Luke's Bethlehem... but I have not heard any experiences with this practice yet.  Anyone?

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