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Please go to the vitamix facebook page and click like on the following post (assuming you agree with it and they haven't removed it.


STAINLESS STEEL JAR? I would LOVE to buy a vitamix, but I do not want a plastic jar. Yes, vitamix has tried to meet consumer demand by making a jar that is BPA-free, but in a few years who knows what poisons will be discovered in BPA-free plastics. I contacted vitamix and they said they can't offer glass as it could break. They say STAINLESS STEEL would be more expensive. I am willing to pay the extra money for a stainless steel jar. I know a number of people who would also be willing to pay extra for a non-plastic jar. VITAMIX, what needs to happen for you to offer a non-plastic jar? (well, actually multiple since I want the grain jar as well)

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