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Follicle size at ovulation?

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Hello everyone!  I am on my second cycle after my mc, and despite what I thought last month, I am ready to ttc again.  We're trying clomid this month, on days 3-7.  I went in to my RE for a saline sonohysterogram to make sure there was no scarring from the d&c (all looks good!) and I asked them to check for follicles.  There was one at 18mm.  This was on cd11.  We didn't bd that night, and the following day, cd12, I had ewcm and was thinking I was about to O, which would be early according to my pre-mc/medicated cycles.  Of course dh and I got into an argument and that killed the mood, so no bd.  We're on cd 15, no ewcm since cd11, and I'm afraid we missed it.  I know I need patience, but after 18 mos of ttc, and 2 mc's, I'm finding it hard to be patient, or optimistic, or brave lately. 

I guess my question is, what size is a follicle when it releases an egg while using clomid?  Can clomid make you ovulate early?  Tia!!


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Hi Marmo, I just had an appointment with my RE to take a look at my eggs.  He said that follicles are 18-22 mm when they are released.  I would think that Clomid would increase the chances of releasing multiple eggs, but I don't think that it would increase the actual size of the follicle.  The good news is that Clomid can make you ovulate early, and it appears as if you respond really well to the medication.  That's great news! Good luck!

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Marmo- I've had 2 medicated cycles, first were 20mm, 19mm, 14mm and they had me wait a night to trigger. 2nd cycle was 19.6mm, 15.6mm, 15.3mm, 15.2mm and they had me trigger that night- I assume because over 15 is viable, they were hoping to mature that last one the first cycle and also to not mature all 4 too much the 2nd to avoid hyperstim. I know I'm not a ton of help as # 1 I did a trigger, so without that I'm not sure with those sizes how soon I would have O'd on my own (follie check was CD12), but they expect at that stage they mature 1-2mm a day. I would say that O probably occurred on day 12 or 13 based on EWCM (which I'm jealous you have on Clomid!). Did you get any BD in before CD11 or on CD13? Wishing you good luck, it is the worst type of waiting game!

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MY RE suggests OPK's to pinpoint your LH serge as well as monitoring size- I think my clinic is super meticulous because in every cycle they have you do a ovidrel trigger shot which will encourage all of your follicles to ovulate- otherwise- from what I understand they do not all ovulate.  I guess 95% of women respond to the trigger shot.  After tons of internet research  I found they want to see your lining at 8 and your follies at 20 at time of ovulation therefore they will trigger at 16 or 18 - you ovulate about 36 hours after trigger shot and about 24 hours after LH surge and follies grow at a rate of 1 to 2 mm a day.  If they get to be over 26 they are considered overly mature and if they are under 15 they usually consider them not viable and they will likely shrink. 


Hope that helps- good luck!

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