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July DDC Belly Pics!

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Okay, I realize this is super early, but I thought why not start a thread where we can post belly pics as things progress.  So I will be brave and go first.  I'm not really showing at all, although I can feel things moving around in there.  Here I am at 6 weeks, 6 days (sorry for the crappy bathroom pic):




Who's gonna join me???  nut.gif  It will be fun to look back on these as we get all round with babies!!! 

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I'll join... later today probably. I did this for my last baby (its on my profile, belly pics album if anyone wants to see) and loved it!

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Me at 5w! It's my "before" picture. Last pregnancy I had a blue shirt that somehow fit all pregnancy and made it really easy to compare weeks, and I think this dress ill be my "blue shirt". 



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I'll post later too! With DS - I kept the same outfit on the entire pregnancy and took it on the 14th of every month (easier to remember than 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc). This time I'll be in a different outfit and holding DS (little naked boy) every month - month 1 (6 weeks along) turned out really cute!

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well since we are still waiting for the confirmation from the blood test...im going to go with what my 6 million pregnancy tests say and play along :)

Here is my 4 week pic for my blog:


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I need to get a new tripod so I can take my prenatal pictures like I did with the last pregnancy. Here is 4 weeks 5 days. 

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Originally Posted by ThreeLittleBirds View Post

well since we are still waiting for the confirmation from the blood test...im going to go with what my 6 million pregnancy tests say and play along :)

Here is my 4 week pic for my blog:



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Here I am at 8 weeks.  It's so big on top because my organs all shifted up already.  And then it has a nice layer of fat over the whole thing ;)



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8 weeks today

Libby 8 weeks.jpeg

And at the gym.

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Yeah you won't be getting any pics from me ROTFLMAO.gif I don't start showing for a long time, anyway, since I naturally have a big ol' belly.

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I thought i would take a Turkey Day pic of the belly AFTER I ate :) Its my Turkey Baby Belly!! Its gone today of course..lol. Although, my pants were a bit snug and i had to bust out the Belly Band. I blame that on the 3 helpings of my moms Sweet Potato casserole ;) Lets see those thanksgiving bellies ladies (if you took pictures of them)


This is me @ 5 weeks (and very very Thankful to be able to post this!)



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Mine's gone by now, but I definitely had a Thanksgiving dinner baby!

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I had such great shots my last pregnancy-- this time around at 8 weeks I started with a bit more belly fat and I showed IMMEDIATELY.  I am looking at a pic of me in a bikini at 11 weeks last time... wow, I'd never go in a bikini right now!  I am well into wearing maternity pants, nothing else is even remotely comfortable.  I'll work on getting a picture! 

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I need to take a new picture to mark 8 weeks.  Even though this is my first baby, I feel like I have grown a TON since the last picture.  It's mostly bloating, I think, but dang.  I feel HUGE already.  lol  Ugh!

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I will have a picture up soon, but the pictures my mom took won't quite work. I need a shirt that's a bit more form-fitting so we can actually see a progression.

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 GoofylnOK I feel very bloated as well and will be 8weeks at the end of this week. I guess being #5 my body is STRETCHED out and I think saying, oh yeah I've done this ball game before....Need to find a shirt I can wear throughout...hmmm I do have some that are bikini ones and yeah I am NOT sharing those on here so it will have to wait until the 8week mark before I start sharin away lol


ok I lied I found one that I can use...here I am @ 6w3d, this is a cute dress I think will work... mind you I do have some extra "tummy fluff" from the four angels that stretched my tummy out...oh well, they are my battle scars!



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I'm eight week too and my belly is looking very similar.  I think my organs have really shifted too.  I wish I had a camera to take a picture.  I can really tell when I am doing my yoga.  And already none of my pants will stay over my belly.  I'm probably a little rounder than you at this point.

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This one was from week 6, week 8 is at the end of this week so I am thinking by the end of this week I should be a bit more bloated looking, pants have now went to staying closed with a hair tie. I see maternity in my very near future. 

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8 weeks. Keep in mind, I'm actually quite fat, so only a little of that is the fact that it's my 4th pregnancy and I already cannot button pants.


I was really hoping to lose another 40 pounds before I got pregnant this time, oh well.

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I have a little extra tummy fluff to begin with, but I am starting to lose what waistline I had. I lost close to 15 pounds before I got pregnant, but I'm still on the larger side (width wise). Here I am at 5 weeks, 6 days.


belly pic- 5 weeks, 6 days- profile.jpg


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