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MM-I do that too!

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19 weeks today.... I can hardly believe 1 more week and this lil guy is 1/2 way done! The 1st one is 6w3d...WOW 


6w3d.jpeg                       19 weeks.jpg

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I'd like to join in, but I haven't really "popped" yet. My belly is getting rounder (it's always been pretty full), and my pudge higher up on my abdomen is sticking out more, but I still have a somewhat defined waistline, so it really just looks like I'm getting fatter, rather than more pregnant. Dang!

I'm right there with you.  I am almost 17 weeks and don't think I look pregnant at all.  It doesn't help matters that I have lost 25 pounds due to being so sick- my clothes are falling off of me except at my waist..... BARELY.  I'm looking at these pictures and am just AMAZED at how pg everyone looks.


Oh well..... hopefully I'll save a ton of money on maternity clothes!!!  Not even close to needing any yet!

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prego 1.JPG18 WKS, about 8lbs gained and it seems to be all belly!

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Here's me at 17w (with one from 9w to compare--both red outfits, coincidentally). Everyone is looking wonderful--loving these preggie bellies!



17w.JPG  9w.JPG

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Everybody is looking beautiful!!!

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Today is weekly baby bump day! 16 weeks with baby 3...


16 weeks.jpg

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19 weeks 1 day <3


Contrasted with...



8 weeks 4 days!

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Awww such cute tummies! I need to get pics again but having tummy issues (not to do with how it looks, rather feels) and can't handle getting out of my footie jammies long enough to do any good pic that shows it's size.

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17 weeks, 1 day.

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Week 20 1.jpgWeek 20 2.jpg



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I finally decided to set up the tripod yesterday and try to get some belly shots! This is me at 20 weeks with my first baby! :) 



DSC_1938 Supernova warmer - profile size.JPG

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20 weeks!  Another crappy bathroom pic, lol.  :)  I envy you ladies with awesome photography skills!



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20 weeks today! Just for fun, I measured my waist (what waist?! haha) this morning. I can't really remember what I used to be, but I think maybe 28" or 30". Now I'm 37.5". I love that my belly is going out past my boobs now. Which, really is saying something because those babies have been growing quite a bit lately, too.



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Officially 1/2 way there...20weeks

 20 weeks.jpg

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I am LOVING  all these pics!

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These pics were taken at 19 weeks!  First pic with shirt down and second pic showing all that baby bump skin lol!  I am def. getting bigger!

19wks clothes3.JPG

19 weeks (#3).JPG

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18 weeks 2 days! Kitty bending down to tell me which spot to rub (had to include that one). FYI: The shirt says "You squish her bladder while I kick her ribs!" I didn't like the forward-facing pictures.


18 week belly pic with Leo.jpg      18 week belly pic3.jpg

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its so much fun watching everyone get bigger! and i love the belly shapes and sizes, all the changes - its awesome! :) 

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