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This was me at 35 wks 4 days. I'll have to post a new one since I am currently at 40 wks 4 days! We're scheduled to be induced on Monday. thumbsup.gif

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maxnmaizy how did your baby like the cast? We did one last week and my little bug was very upset that she couldn't be on the move like she likes. She likes to point out that she has total control over my belly! I was happy that the plaster didn't heat up too much before it was completely dry.


I love the nudes that some of you ladies posted! They are gorgeous!


triple07 I miss being that tiny! I have gained almost 60 lbs this pregnancy and most of it was in the last couple months. Not use to all this extra weight! You look great!

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39 ish weeks. Baby has dropped...and mommy is very ready to meet him or her



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I took this picture Friday night just so I could post it on this forum. Lucky I did because about 5 hours later I went into labor!!! My little girl was born on Saturday. Only 6 days overdue! :-D

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OMG knittindigo! Congratulations! That is fantastic.

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Taken a few days ago before heading to the pool.  39 weeks!

maternity July

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It does not look like you gained an ounce anywhere but the belly! You look great and for some reason I think pregnant women in tiny bikinis is adorable! I always disliked that all "maternity" suits were full coverage tankinis etc.

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A little teaser from my maternity photographer today :) 40 weeks tomorrow!! HOORAY!


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threelittlebirds! those are fabulous photos!!!! you look amazingly beautiful!!!!!!

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Wow!  Such pretty pictures, ThreeLittleBirds.  You'll have to share the rest when you have them. 

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I feel like I'm the only one left!

here is a picture.  (im the one on the right, teehee)599929_201928953269586_1543762690_n.jpg

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you're not alone, there are a few of us hanging out and waiting still. But you look fantastic! So glowey and smiley... gorgeous!

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Yep, I'm here too! Agreed, you look great!

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Ok i got a few more sneak peeks from my photographer today :)



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It looks like I smuggled a small ball under my dress lol. Oh and this dress was my wedding dress :)

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39 weeks! This heat wave needs to skedaddle, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty okay.

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You look great! But I'm with you on the heat! I'm not pregnant anymore and it's still killing me!
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scarykarrey, that is a really cute pic of you :)

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All of you ladies are / were looking so gorgeous and glowy in your final days of pregnancy! I felt like a beached whale at the end of mine, lol. Now that I've had the baby I feel so light- anyone else having that, too?
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