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Yea-- the photo isn't sideways on my computer in general, when I put it in the editor's sideways now.  Weird!  No way to re-orient pictures in the editor?

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Baby 3: 8 Weeks

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No obvious baby bump yet, but thought I'd post anyway. I think it's interesting to see the progression and my fluff seems to be in slightly different places. I am also noticing it's getting harder to suck it in. Here I am at 8 weeks, 2 days (bonus, kitty in one of the pictures).




8 weeks 2 days-2.jpg8 weeks 2 days-1.jpg8 weeks 2 days-2.jpg


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I already put this up on my post about baby, but wanted to post it here too :)


Here I am at 10 weeks. Not much, but a small bump for me :) Probably wont really see a good bump for awhile. I will take what I can get!



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Here I am at 9 weeks along!  This is me first thing in the morning and actually feeling no bloat, for once.  This has generally been a really "bloaty" pregnancy for me.  It's my second pregnancy!  Feeling bigger than I look right now.  In need of some maternity pants, stat!


I am about 11 weeks now and need to get a new picture, because MAN have I SERIOUSLY done some growing lately!


You look beautiful, ladies!



9 week 1.jpg

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10 weeks, 5 days =)

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11 weeks...before heading to a christmas party (check out my lil helper elf at my feet)



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10 weeks - in the most comfy jammies ever... my footie jammies!


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Oh my goodness! You guys are *so* adorable. I'm not showing much at all yet (9w), but just today felt a bit uncomfortable in the ol' waistband...


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I am 11 weeks today...MUCH, MUCH faster than #1, I guess expecting #5 everything is movin and grovin a lil faster! winky.gif

IMAG0987-1 (3).jpg

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Still no bump, but I am a first time mom, so not all that surprising. I am having twins though, so it will be interesting to see how I progress. Here is 8 weeks and 6 days (same shirt as 5 weeks 6 days photo).



8 weeks 6 days.jpg8 weeks 6 days-1.jpg



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11w0d 001.jpg


11 weeks today!   Definitely feeling a little tighter in my pants today!

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9 weeks with baby 3!


9 weeks with baby 3!

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Here are my first belly pics taken on Christmas 12 weeks 4 days with #1. 


Please ignore my face in this one... innocent.gif


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Here is me 1 day shy of 13 weeks.  Not the most centered picture because my 2 year old took with picture on my iphone.  He's pretty good, considering!    The bump at the bottom of my belly is my pants, should have moved them down.  



photo (1).JPG


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We finally got around to taking some belly pictures. This is from yesterday - 12w 1 d with baby #1. My cat was insistent on being in the pictures! No matter how many times I put her on the floor she just kept coming back over there. So funny. 




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12 weeks!! yay!!

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!0 weeks 2 days. Definitely seeing some changes.


10 weeks 2 days.jpg10 weeks 2 days-1.jpg

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10 Weeks with Baby #3


10 weeks with Baby #3

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