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Looks like I might be back :)

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..we have miscalculated.


Apparently, I ovulated two weeks late!


The day I took my first test (weeks ago) I noticed egg white cervical mucus At the time I thought "mm thats weird..maybe just an early pregnancy sign". I was feeling a bit frisky (lol) the two days after that and again I just thought "yeah i kind of remember wanting to jump my hubby when I was pregnant..that has to be it". Clearly I didnt pay attention to the signs that were screaming OVULATION!


That next week every single pregnancy test i took was negative :( No matter how hard I squinted, hoped, prayed, or even how fast I broke that test apart to put it up the light...there was no line. not even the faintest. So i figured that it was over, and bleeding would start soon.


A week and a day later...no bleeding.


I went to my dr and had a blood test drawn on Monday. hcg was 5. I pretty much knew it was over at that point.


But the next day .my boobs felt sore, a very familiar sore. I shook it off and ignored it.

Next day. same thing.


then low and behold I pee on THREE different brands of pregnancy tests and every single one: POSITIVE


Peed on another this morning...POSITIVE and darker than yesterday.


Now im trying my best to stay in a sane mind frame I just spent the last week crying and accepting the fact that this was over. I called my midwife and spoke with her. She is the one who asked if maybe I just ovulated later . It was a very good possibility I asked her how I could have had a really faint positive test though around the time of ovulation. And wouldnt you know it! Us damn nursing moms put off Hcg levels! Pfft


So one of two things here: i am pregnant, or i am miscarrying


I go on Monday to my dr to get another HCG test. If my midwife and I's calcuations are right, then the 5 hcg test results would have been only a few days after implantation. So fingers crossed we have a higher hcg level.


Until then, Im going to keep taking a test every morning and keeping my fingers crossed. I hope to come back here with good news for you ladies.


This would be a thanksgiving miracle. It would give me even more to be thankful for next week


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omg! I was so saddened when I read your post the other day, and so happy to see this today!  Very excited for you, mama.  Prayers. xo

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I've heard of HCG levels just plain dropping off and then coming back with a vengeance as well. It's seriously uncommon though... but even if THAT were the case, this wouldn't be the first time I've heard of someone going through it. 

As for breastfeeding moms making HCG, I've never once heard that. As a matter of fact, all information I can find online points to the opposite.

But I HAVE heard of women getting false positive tests, a lot. Or possibly peeing on an ovulation test and thinking that's a pregnancy test, my goodness cannot tell you how many times I've seen women do that and breaks my heart.



Very excited that you are now consistently getting lines! Will keep you in my thoughts <3 would love if you get to stick around.

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This totally happened to me! Well, not the false positive (bc I don't usually test positive on home tests - weird hormone levels...) but I was late and had all these calculations for june 15 then I went in for my "8 week" I measured so behind, I was sure it was a mc. No heartbeat or anything.


Then I went back in for my check up a week later and I had checked my FF. luckily I had documented egg white mucus that I thought I remembered and wrote off as a weird early sign. And LO and behold, that was ovulation! So at my check up I still measured behind (exactly two weeks behind) but had made significant progress (heartbeat and everything) so my due date changed t almost July. (June 30). That's why I started crashing this ddc. 


Okay, long story short - my hopes are high for you! Hope to hear confirming good news soon!

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Hope you get to stay, ThreeLittleBirds!!!  This little one is already a handfull, eh?  ;)

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This would be such wonderful news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for Monday!

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That would be so wonderful! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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that is exciting and awesome and Weird, lol!  It's so sad when someone has to leave a ddc, but I can't say i have ever seen someone come back to the same one!  lol  YAY, I am super excited for you and hope you get to stay here, good luck!

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Originally Posted by BigMamaBear View Post

This would be such wonderful news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for Monday!

me, too!

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Went to get my blood drawn today. I was able to show my doc teh TWO digital tests I got this weekend that were POSITIVE! I get the call tomorrow about my levels. Fingers crossed.

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