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10 weeks... teething ? suggestions please!

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my babe has started to show signs of teething... all the usual suspects, drooling a ton, shoving hands in mouth, screaming (which she never ever did before) ... poor thing... we have the hydands gel and have used that a little, it seems to help somewhat. I had read about letting them chew on a frozen washcloth, but is 10 weeks too young to be ingesting water like that? any other suggestions for such a little one? we have a sophie too, but she doesn't seem too into it.  and she's too young for tylenol right?


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I swear, mine is acting like she's teething already, too!


I have never tried it, but I've read to put some frozen breastmilk in one of those mesh feeder things.

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What is the mesh feeder? like a nut milk bag? that makes sense! 

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Soak a washcloth with breastmilk instead of water and freeze it... that works for us. 

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awesome thanks mommel and bignerpie we will try that :) 

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One of these- http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Pack-Fresh-Feeder-Colors/dp/B000GK5XY2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1321687642&sr=8-1


I thought I was the only person in the world that didn't have one. lol.gif The washcloth would be a lot simpler!

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I do think that amber teething necklaces help too but may be more appropriate for older babies. Just throwing that out as an option! I have personally had good luck with the Boiron Camilia homeopathic, which comes in tiny tubes of liquid that you squeeze into your baby's mouth.

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Thanks everyone ! She doesn't seem to be too bothered by it so far... and she loves the frozen breastmilk washcloths! 

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My son has been doing that stuff too! Sucking on his hands/fingers, extra fussy, drooling. Could it really be teething this young?

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My kids have all started teething around this age. The earliest a tooth ever showed up for us was five months. Though I've heard earlier from others. I don't do much of anything thus early. When they are in a lot pain and their gums are bulging I'll use some hylands teething tabs teethers and even massage their gums with my finger.
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Mine's teething too, started a few weeks ago at 3 months. I'm using an amber necklace and homeopathic drops or tablets, and I found a mini Sophie with handles that she can actually hold onto, she loves it!  A note on the feeding bags, a nutritionist told me that the mesh is impossible to get completely clean and there have actually been cases of babies getting food poisoning from them. So if you do use one try to use a new bag every time.

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