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i have had a difficult pregnancy... I had a pudseo tumor cerebri, the most painful thing in the world. I went to the er 5 different times and they kept telling me it was an ear infection or an upper respitory infection, my eye started to cross and i went to the eye doctor, my optic nerve was swelling because i had a BUNCH of fluid on my brain and spine, i went to get an emergancy mri and they took my by ambulance to a bigger town to do spinal taps. i had one spinal tap on march 24th, the pressure was outrages my doctor said that i was 2 days away from dieing.. i went back on april 5th and the pressure was still up there but i got another spinal tap.. it fixed it..thankfully,

my doctor induced me twice once on 11-11 and again on 11-14 and sent me home both times, i was getting very stressed at this point, i was over due and stressed out anyways, i couldnt eat or sleep, i lost 3 lbs in 2 days..

i called a different hospital about an hour an a half away and they said to come down imediately, they did an ultra sound on the baby and the cord was wrapped around her neck so bad she wouldnt have lived if i would have delivered vaginally, i got an emergency c/s and my little girl was born at 7:36 pm, she weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and is 19 3/4 inches long. she has a FULL head of hair, and she is amazing.. i love her to death, she is very calm and looks like a doll.




100_0427.JPGdaddy holding adrianna for the 1st time! <3


100_0447.JPG me and my baby! i <3 her.



100_0448.JPG Adrianna Nicole, My whole world!


100_0449.JPG adrianna in her "my daddy did my hair." shirt, with her mohawk! lol



316895_10150494545735809_516535808_10570405_598740272_n.jpg sleeping like a doll =]



387484_10150494559480809_516535808_10570427_533969864_n.jpg messy hair!


392090_10150494544570809_516535808_10570402_983831007_n.jpg sucking on her fingers =]



its so crazy how in just a few short minuets this little girl has changed my life forever, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i wouldnt change that for the world.. she is amazing, so content.. she is my world and i love her so much.. i never thought i could love something/ someone as much as i do her!