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My 2 year, 1 week old daughter has been fully potty-trained for about three weeks.  Then, Wednesday evening, she slipped while jumping off the coffee table (into her father's arms) and landed kind of straddling the corner of the table.  She immediately cried and said, "Hurts my body!"  (Which is apparently what she calls the diaper region.)


About 2 a.m., she started squirming in bed, and I got up to take her to the potty.  When we got there, she sat down, started peeing, and then stood up immediately (mid-stream) crying, "Hurts my body!"  I don't know if she has a UTI or just bruised some muscles.  We've been treating her with arnica and cantharis and lots of water.  Her frequency hasn't changed, and there's no fever.  She doesn't cry anymore while she's peeing, just right before she pees or poops which makes me think that maybe now she's just scared it's going to hurt.  And, of course, she won't get back on the potty.


Anyone else had a similar experience or have any advice?


Thank you!