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Just wondering if any california residents out there could tell me whether the tempur-pedic mattresses have the prop 65 warning label on them?  I'm in new york state and trying to do some research on the chemicals in the bed, and am having a hard time finding anything conclusive online.... i see lots of speculation that tempur-pedic mattresses are filled with chemicals (and i got one a few weeks ago before doing all this research and it reeks...) yet none of the online places to buy the mattress include the warning (although i see the warning online for some other mattresses)  so i was hoping someone from CA could confirm for me!  its hard to beleive tempur-pedic's pass muster since i here prop 65 is a pretty high standard, but if there is something i am missing let me know!  also if there is a list somewhere of mattresses that do have the warning and/or do not, that would be really helpful too!!