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Homebirth of Twins in Olympia, WA area ???

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Hi, We just found out we are expecting twins, (fraternal) we currently have a 2 1/2 year old. We were planning on a homebirth, after our son was born in a hospital- a natural, no-epidural birth with a doula. Our midwife informed us she does not do home twin births. So, we will be meeting one in a week who has done some. Just wondering if there are any moms out there from the area- Puget Sound, Olympia area who have homebirthed twins. I really want the best for our babies, and want to learn about all the options before birthing with an OB in a hospital (I just hate being "hooked up" to IV's and I don't want to birth in an OR room, even if I can do a vaginal birth.) I would be grateful for any input you could provide us! Thanks!

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Hi, I haven't had a homebirth with twins.... yet.  I live just North of Seattle.  I found out I was having twins a few weeks ago.  I was planning a homebirth with a midwife, and she doesn't handle twins.  After a frantic week of scrambling to find another care provider, I found a midwife in my area who will deliver twins at home and has a lot of experience with breech deliveries, in case that occurs with twin B.  I had an amazing homebirth with my daughter, 19 months ago and a mostly non-medicated (pitocin only) hospital birth under the care of a midwife, 3 years ago with my son.  I am about 11 weeks pregnant now.  The hospitals in this area have very ridiculous requirements for twin birth, and I am not willing to give birth in the OR.  I am afraid that even if nothing is wrong the doctors will seize on absolutely any excuse to do a C-section.


I found my new midwife by calling a local doula and getting her recommendations.  There was really only one midwife in my area willing to handle twins - so it was an easy choice.  When I met with her she seemed great and had far fewer "rules" about positioning, etc. than I would have anticipated. I would love to keep in contact as we both progress in our pregnancies. 

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Hi, I am so glad you responded! Wow, we are so close in weeks, I'm now about 12 weeks along. I had my first prenatal visit with my midwife today, and got to hear the heartbeats! It was so amazing!  In my last post, I wrote that we are having fraternal twins, but I've since learned that you don't know if they're fraternal or identical unless you test DNA. I do know they have their own sac though. Are you also meeting with an OB to be a backup just in case?? I think we're going to have a consult with a doc in Tacoma as our back-up, she is well known for delivering twins vaginally, as long as the first one is head down. I am praying to have a homebirth this time, with our son, we ended up at the hospital, and I just don't want to be there for this birth again. I agree with you, it is so easy for them to just do a cesearian, as long as you're in the OR, like hospitals require. How are you handling trying to meet the daily protein requirements?? I feel like I always have to be eating or popping supplements! I guess I shouldn't complain, although, sometimes I am so full, but feel I have to finish everything on my plate!  I started a protein supplement which does taste great, and has 22 g protein/serving. It is made by LifeTime brand, and is from chia, pea protein, and rice protein. It fills in the gaps, when it doesn't always feel feasible to eat so much!  Anyways, I would love to stay in touch too, I don't know any other pregnant with twins moms....


My email is dana20_@hotmail.com...I check it everyday :)


Stay well, talk soon, fellow future MOT,



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Hi, I live in Tacoma, we just moved here a few weeks ago now.  I just wanted to mention, the midwife I have worked with another midwife to deliver homebirth twins, she said that midwife specializes in breech twins too, has lots of experience!  She brought it up to me because I was measuring so far ahead, just made me wonder if maybe its the same midwife! :)  How did you find out you were having twins?  Just curious :)

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My midwife is Dr. Marie Wakefield. Is that the midwife she was talking about? So are you having twins too?? I found out early b/c my midwife recommended an ultrasound around 9 weeks, since I was having some spotting, that's when I found out. Take care!

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we havent found anything out yet, we still havent even heard the heartbeat lol.  But If i'm still measuring this big in a few weeks we may schedule sn ultrasound to take a look and see!  I will ask her if thats her, but the name sounds very familiar!

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Hello =)
I really don't have anything to contribute to this thread....as I don't live in that area, use a midwife or know if I am having twins. 0_O
But that really is the question that I was hoping you guys could help me with =S
I do unassisted home births and I do get an u/s...but I do that towards the end of my pg to know the position of the baby and such.
This is my 5th child and I feel (and look) so much bigger with this child than my other 4 (even though I wasn't really any bigger prior to pg). Also it almost seems like way more movement all over my belly than I can remember with my last children. And for some reason I just can't put my finger on a specific gender like I normally can.....it is like some days I feel it is a boy and some a girl. My kids even think I am having twins (along with a lot of the other family).
Basically my question is, how has your twin pg been different than your singletons? Outside of the obvious hearing of two heart beats or seeing two babies via u/s. 

I am currently at the end of my 5th month and plan to get an u/s at 8+months.......but I hate not having a better idea if I am having twins!!
I know it is all just assumptions until we get an u/s...but I figured it didn't hurt to ask you all your opinion on it =)

Thanks ahead of time! Hope you all are doing well!

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MamaOly...You're in GREAT hands with Marie Wakefield! I used to do a lot of births with her as a doula before moving from WA to AZ.

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