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I was hoping for some advice out there... I have a wonderful five month old who, since day one, seems to not need the normal amount of sleep of a regular baby. He rarely naps, and typically stayed up late until midnight or so. Recently, we have decided to get him on a schedule, doing all the right things- pablum feed, bath, book, breast then bed. We finish up this routine at 8:30 pm or so and he is exhausted- all the right cues for him to go to sleep. Instead, he cries for three hours plus. It is not hunger, or pain, or gas- he just wants to be held and awake. Does anyone have any suggestions? We know he needs more sleep than he gets, and he seems to fight it. 

 Once he falls asleep, he usually sleeps through the night, and typically since he was born, throughout the night will feed and go back to sleep right away. We have tried CIO, but it will go forever. Bouncing, wallking, singing, belly rubbing, even gentle talking with no eye contact does not work.