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           My son is 3 and the father hasn't bought or done anything for him since he was 5 months old. I have been with my fiance for almost 3 years now and he has been the one to raise him and buy him the things he needs. I am getting married this coming year and would like to change the last name of my son to what mine will be after the marriage. he has a 1 year old brother by the guy he calls dad. and will all have the same last name except for him. "Is it possible for me to change my sons last name without his sperm donor having any part of this?" "Or am I going to have to deal with his crap?" I live in Oklahoma Help please?

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In most cases you will have to deal with the biological father for a name change........ that said given the fact that the bio dad is not in the picture you can considering adoption giving fathering rights to your new hubby and during that process request the name change.

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Unfortunately, most states require that the biological father agree to a name change.  If the father is that disconnected, perhaps he would be willing to relinquish his parental rights?

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In my state (not OK), your fiancee would be able to legally adopt your son since his genetic father hasn't either contacted or given support in over a year. It's an either/or sort of circumstance here. It's considered abandonment. The genetic father has no say at the point. Again, that's not in OK,  I would consult a custody lawyer that is familiar with the laws of your state.

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