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Anyone have any experience with low blood pressure?

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I typically have blood pressure in the low range of normal and with this pregnancy, it's been dipping even lower. Today I went to the store and checked my BP on the machine just to see where it's at and it read pulse rate 95 with 89/51. I sat a minute and took another reading which came out at 97/50. It could have been wrong either time, but when my MW (I have one just for prenatal care) takes it, it's also very low and she sounds concerned about it, but says since everything else is fine, she isn't going to worry.


I also saw a cardiologist (for something totally unrelated) recently who took my blood pressure and was amazed at the readings. She sort of shook her head in amazement and then said it was probably nothing to worry about.


I do feel great! No weakness, no light-headedness. Nothing. I'm gaining weight as I should and I am not overweight at all (pp weight was 110 and 5'1"), great diet (with the occasional naughty food). This will be my second UC. The last went great and I was fine, even after hemorrhaging due to cord traction caused by baby getting hung in a short cord which I was able to stop quickly with some placenta under the tongue.


Has anyone had low blood pressure and had any issues with it?

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Very low blood pressure here...normal for me is 80/50.  The hardest part during previous pregnancies was the lightheadedness and feeling very faint, especially in the morning.  Also have episodes where it feels like my heart is racing and pumping very hard.  Oh, and the breathlessness from the most little bit of 'work' (i.e. going upstairs) is rough.  It has been SO much better this time around with my fourth.  My midwife suggested I take a sublingual B12 supplement and I've been having a green protein smoothie almost every morning.  It's made a HUGE difference.  The bp is still very low but the symptoms are much lighter. 


I'm not sure there's any huge, dangerous risks, besides the greater likelihood of passing out...but since you don't have any symptoms like that, it doesn't sound like that is likely.  My old doctor (homebirth) did mention that it could be an issue during labor...feeling lightheaded, etc.  And it could possibly make you feel dizzier or lightheaded afterward.  But it wasn't really an issue for me and I had simple, quick births and standard recoveries with all three.  I don't think I would worry about it.  None of my caregivers was ever really that concerned about it causing a problem with baby or birth except for helping me try to fix the symptoms.


Hope that helps!!

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my blood pressure was about that last time my doctor checked it, she said it was the low side of normal but didn't seem at all concerned. 

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Thanks, ladies!

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I also get low blood pressure while pregnant. At my MW appointment it was something like 100/50.  It feels kind of bothersome sometimes (feeling lightheaded, weak or short of breath,) but I've never had any problems & I've never fainted or anything, though there were a couple close calls ;)

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My normal BP is around 88/50.  This is my first pregnancy, so I don't have a previous birth to compare it to, but other than the occasional heart palpitations and breathlessness (which were evaluated by ultrasound 6 years ago and deemed "normal"), I don't have any concerning symptoms.  In fact, the lightheadedness that I used to experience upon standing before I became pregnant has actually gone away during pregnancy!


These (my BP and the posters' BPs above) are all normal blood pressures.  Low BP is especially common among vegetarians.  And remember, they are just numbers--how you feel is what is truly important.  If at any time after the birth you start feeling shocky (dizzy, disoriented, cold & clammy, excessively tired and can't keep your eyes open, excessively thirsty, afraid with feelings of doom, lightheaded, etc.), then you need to get help immediately.

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I had/have low bp. The worst part is the "seeing stars" when I bend down and don't take my time coming back up! For me, with my last pregnancy, I was always chilly (even when it warmed up) and had more fatigue than I would say is normal. I have had this my whole life, though, so was pretty used to it. I took my bp almost daily to make sure I wasn't too low (which for me would have been any lower than 75/50).

I think that if you have been checked out and are not having other problems, it is probably your version of normal. Just pay attention to how you feel and note any changes!
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I'm another one who has low blood pressure. I can feel when the systolic is under 100 because I have less energy (the lower it goes, the lower my energy level is). Other than the light-headedness mentioned by previous posters it was no big deal (I've had three children).

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