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Urgent Care Visit--"Good" Experience

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We stopped vaccinating in 2007/2008. Yesterday, DS, age 8, stepped on a big rusty spike that was in the ground, originally used to tie a dog leash onto a few years back. It was a good, deep puncture right where his big toe joins the foot. Bled a fair amount, and I decided this was one worthy of professional care. I took him to the Urgent Care five minutes from the house and we were seen within the half hour. I told the nurse that we might need the tetanus immounoglobulin due to not being fully vaxd. He just nodded and made a note of it. As we were walking to the XRay (they needed to make sure there was no rust or metal in the wound, or that he didn't chip the bone) we saw the Dr. He asked when we stopped vaxing, I told him somewhere around 2008, but I couldn't remember if DS had his 4yr old shots. The Dr. was surprisingly casual, said if he had his 4 yr old shots, we were fine. (I was really not sure, and in retrospect, I don't think he did.) The XRay was good, the nurse cleaned out the wound with a bottle of saline, and then we soaked it for a little while in more saline. DS ended up with four stitches. Doc didn't mention the vax again, didn't ask us to verify anything, didn't try to talk us into anything, nothing. We got excellent care and were in and out in two hours.


This was such a pleasant experience, as far as emergency visits go. I was really expecting a bit of a fight about tetanus (and really, by bringing it up I was being proactive. I'd honesty love if the kids could get just a tetanus, but DS is the only one old enough for that.)  Dr. was just like, Okay, if you got the shots you're cool, I won't ask for proof, won't pressure. Anyway, since I read of so many bad experiences, I wanted to share a good one.  (I'm in the Raleigh, NC area, in case anyone is wondering.)

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Woohoo! I'm glad things went well for you!

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Glad it went well, but the doctor was under the assumption that your DS had received his shots so I'm not surprised he didnt make a big deal about it. I wonder how it would have gone if your DS was 100% unvaccinated?? Also you mentioned the wound bled alot. Wounds that bleed are generally not a concern for tetanus. I bet this doc probably knew that (at least I would hope!)

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we, too, had a great ER experience years ago with our son (then, about 5 years old).  He had impaled his armpit on one of the wrought iron spikes on our fireplace screen.  Filleted open a flap in his armpit.  No bleeding, save one tiny drop of blood!


They were great in the ER.  I was totally honest that he had not had any vaccinations since he was 7 months old and explained why (we almost lost him due to major shock, right in the doctor's office, within 30 seconds of receiving his shots).


The ER staff agreed that vaccinations were not the thing for ds and that was that.  No recommendations for any.  It was great.  Ds ended up getting 26 stitches (poor guy) and he had to be put under as a local anesthetic would have been too painful.


Our town has VERY low vaccination rates and the doctors are all used to it.  There isn't a big push on the tings around here.

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