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Thanksgiving dinner with food aversions

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I love the holiday season! And I usually love cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family. I'm actually really good at sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie -the usual turkey-day menu. But this year, that all sounds terrible to me!! The thought of handling and stuffing a raw turkey makes my stomach turn. I could put Hubby on kitchen duty, but cooking big meals just isn't one of his strengths. He is, however, great when it comes to grilling, so I am thinking about getting him a turkey fryer and he can just set that up in the backyard and we'll see what he comes back in with :-) 


I've also considered doing a Thanksgiving breakfast instead. Like, quiche with turkey sausage, fresh squeezed juice & fruit, and an assortment of baked goods like sticky buns. Breakfast foods sound great to me these days. 


We have been invited to my sister in laws house for a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday, so I don't feel as guilty about not fixing up a traditional feast for Hubby on Thursday...


Is anyone else considering modifying Thanksgiving dinner because of food aversions? 

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My husband always does Thanksgiving - and this year I'm especially thankful for that. smile.gif I just can't handle cooking at all.


ETA just talked to my husband about this. He said that cooking is not that hard, just put the bird in the oven and concentrate on side dishes.


Are your kids old enough to help out? Maybe it's time that your family fixes a traditional feast for you?


PS. My "morning sickness" gets worse in the evenings, your Thanksgiving breakfast sounds like a great idea!

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I don't do the major cooking, my mom does, so it isn't a big problem for me.  I only make one dish - a vegan green bean casserole recipe I have been making for years - and it sounds good to me so I think I will be fine.  I say make your hubby make as much as possible... good luck!

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I've never cooked an entire holiday dinner by myself.  We've always gone to a family member's house.  This year, I'm not sure what we'll do.  We haven't been invited to dinner at SO's sister's house yet (we've gone there the past two Thanksgivings).  And she hasn't responded when he asks what they're doing.  So...  Anyway, DD will be with my mom and family in Kansas City, but we'll have SO's two kids.  I'm thinking we'll go out for lunch/dinner somewhere, and then go do something fun...like a tree lighting ceremony or something like that. 


ETA:  I didn't really answer your question.  I think since you've been invited to a traditional dinner on Wed. you should do something laid back and fun on Thursday.  :)

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I'm lucky because my DH does all the cooking... I'll make some rolls, but making bread doesn't gross me out.  Handling meat totally does, but it always does.  We would only eat veggie at home if DH didn't cook meat....


Meredith, that sounds fine!  If you are going to family on Wednesday, that counts. Less dishes to do!  But if you can find a smaller turkey they are great indirect heat cooked on the BBQ. Just enjoy your time together!  That's what counts. 

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