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Moving to Seattle :) Need tips!

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Nevermind- it looks like we won't be going up that way after all. Love it there though!



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Hi Amber,


The Seattle Waldorf School is in the Meadow Brook Community which has many great neighborhoods to select from, is not far from the arterial road of Lake City Way (522) nor too far from the wonderful Burke Gillman Trail along the cost of Lake Washington as well as the Matthews Beach Park and Sand Point. Within this community and others around it, such as Wedgewood, there are many smaller neighborhoods that each have their own identity. If you like living in Portland, and the feel of it, you may prefer the Seattle school over the one on the east side. I love both the Meadow Brook and Wedgewood areas. I know the areas well, as I am a real estate broker so I drive around a lot. If you'd like more tips or have questions, feel free to inquire.






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Thanks! We are going out there tomorrow and through the weekend to take a look around. My husband and I have been talking a lot about some land, and would like to live under 30 minutes from whichever school we choose. 

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