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Originally Posted by AKislandgirl View Post She also seems to always have green poop. I really don't think its a foremilk- hindmilk issue. 

I've read about babies that get green stools because of the gripe water. It's not harmful and if Maeve is gaining properly, I don't think it's an issue. I might mention it at the next well baby visit, but I'm generally paranoid and I overreact to everything when it comes to my kids. redface.gif

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I forgot to chime in about holiday crafts for toddlers...


we're going to try making some wrapping paper with paint and stamps.  I picked up a couple of little foam snowman kits you glue the pieces on the snowman shape.  peanut butter/birdseed pinecones for the birds?  snowglobes?


I took DD to a pottery painting place and she made coffee mugs, trivets, figurines etc for christmas gifts,.  a bit spendy but highly reccommended, she loved it and they're adorable ( just limit the palette so it's not all swamp brown when they're done,,,)

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Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

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Well, I'm very glad to know that Landon isn't alone in not wanting to sleep without me during the day. Strangely he sleeps fine at night in his crib.

I'm a little worried about his weight. He is still so skinny, but very long. His newborn diapers are still big on him. I hope he is getting enough to eat. He has a Dr appt this Friday, so I will see his weight. He is still only pooping once every 6-7 days. He mostly gets breast milk, with 4-6 oz of formula a day. I honestly just don't think I am making enough milk for him, that's why he still gets some formula. He is on my boobs all day, you would think I would have a big supply from him sucking all the time, but no, that is not the case. I guess if he isn't gaining weight I will have to give him more formula greensad.gif

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Dec 1st!!! Time flies. Landon will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.
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katico - we did home painted wrapping paper last year &/ everyone loved it (I had a pile of plain paper that our stuff had been wrapped in by the movers)


chelsea - I hope he is gaining well - sometimes it can be hard to tell.


I'm just in the process of wrapping up all the advent "train" gifts - so excited to do this with ds this year - it's the first year we have.

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Advent:  DD is is bed (fiiiiinally) so her first little advent gift is under the sparkly silver mini tree I set out- I would like to have a nicer set up next year but for this year I went with the glitzy tree because I knew she'd love it ;)  Her first little gift is a package of xmas napkins to use at meals.


I'd love to know what sort of things you are wrapping up, Lifeguard.  I wrapped several new pairs of xmas socks, stickers, stamps and a few little crafts, some new homemade glitter playdough, holiday  cookie cutters and muffin cups to bake with, a couple of new books, some bubble bath, this year's special tree ornament, some little homemade puzzles and games, new bird suet for our feeder, a little snowglobe, a holiday themed sensory box, some glowsticks,  hot chocolate, and new xmas jammies....  I'd love to hear what other people do for their toddlers - ideas for next year!   I tried to keep it pretty low-key and focus on things that we can use to do holiday activities with, i.e. the crafts and baking, and things she needed anyway (socks, soap) 


And how do explain the gifts to them?   I wanted it to be more fun than just presents from us...I told her Santa was sending an elf with a little gift every night before christmas, to help us get ready and celebrate.  As she gets older I'll be adding in more activities instead of presents, when she's old enough to really understand a bit better that what she's opening is something that's going to happen later in the day.  Right now we're all about instant gratification, haha

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I do love the activities idea too but agree it will work better with slightly older children. I've done: hot chocolate, bubble bath, matchbox cars, slinky, colouring book, wooden dinosaur to paint, snow globe, magic fire thing (this will be for solstice to put on the bonfire), flameless "candles", aquabeads (meant for plants but fun to play in), candy canes & chocolate. I am sooooo excited for this!

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Advent calendar: Our advent calendar is an echo from when I was a child: On the eve of December (tonight), the elves fill the pockets of the calendar with small pieces of candy plus little bits of a larger thing. It could be pieces of a puzzle, pieces of a game, cars out of a larger set of matchbox cars, etc. When I was a child, one year we got a countries of the world flag puzzle, with a few pieces each day, another year we got a scrabble game with a few tiles each day, that sort of thing. This year we are giving DS1 the Lego advent calendar pieces, but we opened the package up, wrapped them, and rearranged them in an order we thought was more sensible. The first year, when DS1 was 2, the calendar came stocked with cars courtesy of the elf otherwise known as my stepdad. The next two years we did pieces of memory games, first a typical object tiles game and then this one. These were much less of a hit than the cars were, and we had quite the talk about gratitude. We also did activity slips last year, but that was a bit of an inflexible pain, so this year I am just going to play the activities by ear, depending on DS2 and my energy level. Very excited for tomorrow morning!

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Woooo!  T have the car AND  I am not afraid to use it.  I developed a driving phobia in my first tri and it is gone!  Baby and I are going to the thrift store and then I have a work meeting to get client updates/show off the baby.  Stoked!


more later


So excited to get out alone (well just me and baby).

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Yay for overcoming the phobia Liv!  thumb.gif   Have a great time! 

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LOL.  So I'm having to watch the car seat instructional video...I failed to pay attention when DH put it in the car and realized I never have.  This getting out of the house thing is taking longer than I had hoped!

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Originally Posted by livacreature View Post


Woooo!  T have the car AND  I am not afraid to use it.  I developed a driving phobia in my first tri and it is gone!  Baby and I are going to the thrift store and then I have a work meeting to get client updates/show off the baby.  Stoked!


more later


So excited to get out alone (well just me and baby).

Awesome! I have a thrift store trip planned today as well orngbiggrin.gif


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i made a trip to the thrift shop - got a toy for baby - a sweater for dh - some sshoes for dd - going back sat to get a toy for ds - all well used but i still cant wait to wrap them for Christmas!!!!


i am hoping to get some time to sew presents for dd, but.....


ds was sooo upset when i told him Santa was only bringing 1  present this year - until i explained that everyone needs  a present and someone might not get one if he gets 2.


sucks, being broke but ds seemed to really understand what i said - filled my heart - so maybe being broke is a good thing - he wrote a sentence for his dad and we will wrap it up for Christmas


ds is learning to read so i will try to make him a storybook with all the words he can read as a present - he can read it to the younger ones :)



IF i can peel this baby off me!!!!!

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Gifts: My SIL is from Denmark. Her tradition is that the Nisseman (a house elf) brings a small gift each day in December. The elf is watching to see if you are being kind and good. The gifts are things like hair clips, a cool pencil, and stickers. I think its great but I haven't done it with my daughter because I'm not organized enough! My nieces love it though!

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saoirse, score! And your DS sounds incredibly sweet. Nice work.


livacreature, I hope you were able to figure out the car seat!


dollyanna, good luck at the thrift store. :-)


Sue, what a lovely tradition.


I am having such an amazing day. So many good things:


- We started the advent calendar this morning and DS1 was thrilled.

- DS2 seems to be feeling a little better.

- I finished a paper this morning that I have been working on for a year. It has been such a beast, and I finally got it to the stage where I could share with co-authors and really get it moving along. It took two all-nighters this week, but I was up with DS2 half the time anyway, so I just pushed through and did it, and now I can finally (finally!) cross that draft off my list.

- I got an acceptance on another paper at a high impact journal. The reviewers were extremely positive about the revisions that I did at 1-2 weeks postpartum, and it's formally accepted, just a few very minor revisions to make, so I can upgrade it on my CV which I have to send in for job reasons on Monday. I don't have a ton of publications out yet, so one more is a big deal for me right now.

- I had a physio appointment and my abdominal separation has gone from three fingers to two in just over a week. So it's healing fast, I am responding well to the physio exercises, and I was cleared to do a bunch more kinds of exercise.

- I think I made a new friend in my neighbourhood who is also home with a baby. We went for lunch at a new cafe around the corner and I had the most delicious soup.

- It's December, which means I allow myself to start playing Christmas carols. I adore Christmas carols.

- It's gorgeous and sunny, and as soon as I finish nursing this kid, I am going for a walk.


Best day in weeks. I am so happy. joy.gif

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Pi, I'm having a similar kind of day. DD is happy, the sun is shining, things are going well. If only we could store up these feelings to use on the days that are long and difficult, huh? I'm trying to enjoy every minute when I feel this way. It's hard to remember these days exist when we're having a rough go of it.

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Pi - yeah on the abs!!!!


afm - tried out a zumba class that children can come to to play this morning. Kind of boring, realllly not my thing but I can count it as cardio so that's ok. Also did the 2hr gtt today - should get my results next week. I'm sort of ridiculously scared of the results - developing diabetes is such a huge fear of mine & I worry that no matter my efforts will not be enough.

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ds2 is barfing.... oh what fun!!! Really really hoping no one else gets it. My stomach is feeling a little off so I am not keeping my hopes up that I will dodge this thing. This is the 2nd time since the baby was born that ds2 got the barfs. Poor kid.


Ds3 will be 5 tomorrow!!! It is hard to believe that he is that old already, just seems like yesterday.


My MIL is coming into town tomorrow for ds3's b-day and will be staying till monday. She is not on my good list right now and I am so not looking forward to her visit. She hasn't seen the baby yet and she has a plane ticket, if she was driving I would have dh tell her not to come.

She promised me last year she would make a stocking for Emeric and had a hundred of excuses but said she would do it this year. Now she said she isn't going to do it. I want his stocking to match the others. She has time to make one for Saphira so I am just irritated by the whole thing. She told dh she thought I would change my mind after Saphira got here, um yeah so since I have a live baby my dead son means nothing, um NOT. Oh well, hopefully it will work itself out (and I won't kill her in the process). She is terribly annoying as is so we will see how the visit goes.

Crap! dd2 just barfed and it woke her up from her nap after just 30 min. Now I have to wash the sheets in her bed as well as the towels ds2 barfed on this morning and the sheets for the guest bedroom. Fun times!!


Advent gifts- we light a candle each night during advent and have a advent chain that we pull off a loop each night. I can't imagine doing a gift for each with 5 kids that would be very costly and time consuming. We will only be giving 1 gift each at christmas as money is really really tight right now and we have 5 dec. birthdays (my brother is already taken care of and we hope to get my dad something small aka cheap:)).


was going to do more personals but barffy sheets are calling my name. Oh boy!

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Aww Pi. love.gif That's so good to hear! What an awesome combination of events. With as overwhelming as life with a newborn can be, it's always great to have one of those really encouraging days.


We got a hand  me down dresser/changing table and crib from DH's aunt and uncle. I folded up the pack n play since DS refuses to sleep in it anyway, and moved the dresser into its spot. I want to see if the crib can have a side left off it (to sidecar it) without actually modifying the structure. It's been passed through 3 different people and 4 kids in the family so I wouldn't feel right about messing it up for the next person. Anyway I'm proud of all the solo furniture moving and such I did today. My mom kept DS for me and it was great to have some time to work.

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pi--I'm so happy for you--congratulations!

advent: we are doing a star path; dh dyed a dark blue canvas for our coffee table, and there's a star for every day, with a 5 candle candelabra in the middle. each night he moves Mary closer to the center and hangs a star on a potted tree. we read a short advent reading, say the magnificat, and then he gets a piece of chocolate. i had bought him all these little gifts, but dh and i realized that he is so acquisitive already and we didn't want to get him in a twirl for possessions during this season, at least.


we went on a beautiful woods walk today-- my 1st real outing with them both and just me. fun!

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