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Dry skin

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my newborn has a dry scalp and patches of dry skin on his body. What are some homemade remedies that can be used for this?

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Cocnut oil and this brush works wonders on the scalp. http://www.amazon.com/Bean-B-Clean-Scalp-Massaging-Brush-Cradle/dp/B002PYZCWU/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1321853455&sr=8-6

My post dates newborn was so peely and we used this brush on his scalp. It got rid of all the peeliness. Coconut oil on the rest of the body works great too.
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With my 3rd baby I found what has so far been my best remedy for cradle cap (which is, I think, just a typical peeling skin thing that newborns get on their scalps.  It stops happening after a little while, in my experience!).  I use Burt's Bees baby oil (used to be called apricot oil, it's the same stuff now but has a generic baby oil name... I enjoy the smell, either way!).  I apply it very liberally to the entire affected area, and rub it in.  After it soaks into the skin for a couple hours, I take a standard soft-bristled baby brush and just massage it through the scalp, and it lifts up all the dead skin.  It takes some time, but it really gets all the oil off.  Then you can opt to wash the hair to remove the oil, or leave it in.  The hair might look slightly greasy, but I think leaving it in helps prevent too much of a recurrence. 


I haven't had dry skin elsewhere to worry about, but if I did, I'd go ahead and just rub oil into the skin, too.  You can add oil to baby's bath, as well.  It gets all over their skin that way.

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i just used the olive oil we had in the cupboard


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I found that even the most mild baby soaps in the bath were drying out my DD's head and face. I started only using soap less than once a week, just water to clean her up most of the time. I use a wash cloth to scrub away the flakiness on the head, then when I pull her out of the bath I apply  baby hypoallergenic lotion all over her body right away to seal in the moisture (not on the hair though - would be quite greasy.) We use the lotion a little massage time which she seems to like too.

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MW told me just to ignore the peely dry skin for now, mostly it will go away within a month or so. We do a bath in plain water about 1x per week and I wash her bum in the sink (in plain water) as needed, probably 1-2x per day (I don't really use wipes, just plain toilet paper or a cloth, and plain water wash when needed). I too would recommend plain oil (olive, almond, coconut, etc) and we often use regular kitchen oils on ourselves and the kids. Cocoa butter is also really nice and kind of makes more of a barrier (reminds me I should get some for winter again), but you might need to warm it on your own hands first and then rub it in.

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