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Dropping HCG Levels? :(

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Hey guys.  I'm really bummed this morning.  Every few days I have been taking a cheapie preggo test just to make sure the line kept getting darker.  Up until today, it has.  But this morning, it was still there, but much lighter.  Now I'm freaking out, and am not sure if I'm freaking out over nothing.  I have had nausea sometimes and sore boobs always lately, but both seem better this morning, although the boobs are somewhat sore.


What do you guys think- is this something to worry about?  :(  Sigh.  Being pregnant can be really unnerving with all the worrying in the beginning.

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I don't think you should worry.  I just read somewhere recently that the darkness of the lines means nothing, because there are differences in the sensitivity between different tests....especially cheap-o tests.  My gut tells me your bean is just fine, but I suggest you don't pee on anymore sticks.  lol


And even if it is not, worrying isn't going to help anything in any way!  I really do think you are fine, tho!  Good Luck!

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Hi, my name is Erin and I am a POAS-aholic.   Now that that's out of the way, I'll say that I have spent alot (ALOT) of time doing this.  Taking tests every day, every few days, til I'm out of internet cheapie tests and/or can't justify buying any more.   

There are alot of factors here.  Did you drink alot of water last night?  Had you gone to the bathroom multiple times in the night?  How does the darkness of the control line compare to your other tests?  Sometimes there's just not as much/as dark dye in an individual test as another.  Tests can give you an idea of what's going on with your body, and generally, yes, the line will get darker.  Just remember that they don't give you a number, and cannot give you an accurate evaluation of your HCG levels.  


I know so well the anxiety that comes with this.  The practical side of me would tell you to NOT take anymore tests.  If it were me, however, I'd probably wait a few hours without peeing, and then take another.   Hugs and prayers to you.  hug2.gif


Editing to add:  What I mean to say is that I'd blame the test first.  Do not automatically assume that your HCG levels are dropping based on one test.  Remember, your body was made for this.

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I just took another test (before I read your reply, Ms Shell- lol), and the line is even lighter this time.  I think something is up.  I'm going to the doctor this afternoon.  :(  Will keep you all posted.

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I just took another test (before I read your reply, Ms Shell- lol), and the line is even lighter this time.  I think something is up.  I'm going to the doctor this afternoon.  :(  Will keep you all posted.

:Hug  thinking of you today.

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I bought 50 internet cheapies the month I got pregnant with Mae. Knowing they would expire anyway, I peed on them EVERY time I peed after my first positive to just get rid of them.

The lines were sometimes way darker, others so light I could barely see it. They're cheap for a reason.


I wish I would have kept the picture I had of all of the tests together with all different colors of lines.

In any case... sure, go in and see your doctor. At this point that's the ONLY way you can calm yourself down, even darker tests won't do it because you freaked yourself out, but will be thinking of you and very very hopeful you come back with "oh nothing to worry about at all!"

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i have been worried for you all day now and am anxiously awaiting your update.... i pray all is well.

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Originally Posted by ms.shell View Post

i have been worried for you all day now and am anxiously awaiting your update.... i pray all is well.


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Hey guys.  Sorry to keep you hanging.  To be truthful, I still don't know much.  I went to a local provider here, and she made me feel so bad for not wanting to get every single test done in the book (I didn't want a pap smear or test for STDs right now since I know I'm clean, just the stuff that could possibly be relevant like bloodwork and an ultrasound) that I started crying and left.  It was really awful...  Once I said "home birth" it was pretty much all over, like I must not care about the well being of this baby.  She even went so far as to insinuate that I must have been sexually abused to refuse any of her tests, and that I should tell her all about it if I was!  My husband was there and we both just could not believe this woman's attitude.  I was just sobbing all the way out.  So I called my midwife (who this was NOT- this was a facility close by my work), and she is going to get us set up with a place to do an ultrasound that is home birth friendly in the next couple days. Ugh.  Why do people like that go into OB/GYN?  When a woman is at her most vulnerable, that is when we need supportive people.  It really got to me, especially the allegations of abuse- if I had been abused, I would never have told her about it, what with all her pushing and "You need to tell me why you're being this way.  There's something going on here.  You need to tell me what's wrong with you."  Maybe I just don't want you to test me for things I don't need, lady!  I'm in a committed relationship and had a pap smear in the past year!  GAH!!!!


Thanks for letting me vent...  :)  Hopefully I will have more (good!) news for you soon.

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Oh, sweetie, YUCK!  I am so sorry you had to deal with all that crapola on top of already being worried!  I hope you get good news soon.  Praying your bean is A-OK and still sticky! 

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Ugh.  That is so awful.  I am so sorry.  Keep us posted- and get some rest.  

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Wow, that is really nasty! I'm sorry.  I hope the next appointment goes better.

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What a horrid human being! I'm so sorry you had to deal with her and that you still are no closer to answers. I'm sending sticky thoughts your way. and (((hugs)))

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Thanks so much for the support, everyone.  It really helps.  grouphug.gif  I knew that my area was not home birth friendly and that providers are REALLY used to women just doing whatever they say...  But I was still stunned.  I almost feel like I should write a letter to the person who oversees the department, because seriously, if I had been a survivor of sexual abuse, I'm pretty sure I'd be catatonic right now.  I would really hate for another woman to go in, refuse an unnecessary test, and then have her abused past dragged out and picked apart by an extremely condescending "caregiver."  Blegh.  There's probably nothing I can really do about it, though, but after this is not quite so fresh, I might just write that letter.  


Anyway, I had a little spotting that I forgot to mention earlier, but that could just be because of happy times with hubby on Sunday.  blush.gif  So I am trying not to get too worried still, even though it's hard.  The ultrasound is going to be at 12:30 CST today, so I will let you all know how it goes.  Thank you all again so much, it's so great to have your support.  Being pregnant can definitely make you feel like a CRAZY PERSON!  uhoh3.gif

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Any update GoofyinOK? I think I've seen you on other forums in the club, so my guess is things worked out. Just wanted to check.

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Hey deborah!  :)  You are so sweet to check on me & Bean.  All is well.  I created another thread about the results of my ultrasound, but forgot to update this one.  Thank you for being so thoughtful, I've got lots of warm fuzzies now!  love.gif

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Aww. I try and giving warm fuzzies (and getting them) is especially important for us preggo ladies. I have my 7 week ultrasound tomorrow. We see how many little blueberries we have in there :-). DH and I are going to go for a nice breakfast beforehand, so yay! Weekday date!

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That sounds like fun!  :)  Let us know what you find out!  Hugs!

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We didn't end up having our weekday date because I had a pregnancy brain/reeling with happiness brain and accidentally went home instead of to the restaurant in Boulder for lunch with DH. We found out we're having identical twins!

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WOW, what wonderful news!  Congratulations!

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