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Weekly chat Nov 21-28 Gobble Gobble!

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New chat thread! And happy Thanksgiving! I hope this isn't inconsiderate of our Canadians, Happy late Thanksgiving to you all!

A lot of company coming this week but I am beside myself with excitement about seeing our baby in our ultrasound tomorrow!  We will be finding out and I can't wait!  There are several others with me and I am looking forward to hearing about yours as well!

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Just got back from my level II ultrasound. Looks like it is a girl!! They couldn't see any boy parts so..... I know nothing is 100% so I think Ill hang on the the boy clothes and the airplane themed nursery stuff until this kid pops out!


Everything looked good on the U/S. I did not have any of the screening tests and at my age (39) they told me without an amnio (which Im NOT getting) they can't tell me 100% that all is well, but based on the U/S, the odds of any genetic problems are pretty slim (like 1-2%). So overall Im pretty happy and am going to choose to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy! Hope everyone has a great holiday :)

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Yay for u/s tomorrow!  Mine is at 9:00, and then I have a phone call with a prospective doula in the afternoon.  DH is going with me in the a.m., even though he's busy at work--I keep telling him not to (really, because its more inconvenient for me to have to pick him up and drop him off) but I think he wants to see the baby himself.  Funny.


A couple of random thoughts--


Anyone making nursing pads?  I made some flat ones when I was nursing DD, but I think I'm ready to move up to contoured pads.  I need a good tutorial...


How about an online source for RRL tea?  I've gotten mine from the local herb store, but its $4.99+5% tax for a box of 24--seems like it should be available cheaper somewhere.  And they only accept cash, which I never have. Looking for bags, not loose tea.

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I just had the weirdest thing happen.  For the past three days I have had the worst bitter taste in my mouth constantly.  Everything I ate tasted horrible.  Imagine that taste when you drink milk after grapefruit juice.  Yumm!!  Turns out it was probably Pine Mouth.  I made a big batch of pesto with basil from the garden and ate a few pine nuts while I was making it.  For unknown reasons some pine nuts cause some people to get pine mouth.  Horrible, horrible, horrible.  It actually made me sick to my stomach it was so bad.


Now I'm going to have to throw out the whole batch of pesto. greensad.gif

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I buy all my herbs from Mountain Rose in bulk and make my own tea bags or use a handheld strainer.  Loose really isn't that hard so you might want to consider it.


I haven't decided if I am going to get an ultrasound.  We had to have genetic testing with the IVF so I am not worried about any of that.  I think that if there is anything else, we will just deal with it when the time comes.  I don't think I really need an ultrasound.  Of course I have to talk with the hubby.

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We are leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning for a week-long visit to friends and family out there. While I am looking forward to seeing people, I am not looking forward to the plane ride or traveling with a toddler. DS has never flown and I am worried he will not do well on the trip. Anyone have any advise?

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Yay another week! I've been reading up on lactation stuff lately (considering going for an IBCLC in a few years) and I think I have a posterior tongue tie! Not that this matters much for me now, and DD didn't have one, but I'm now somewhat more concerned that impending DS will have one. That said, I know where to get it clipped and to be proactive about this stuff, so whatever. But it could explain my mild lisp....

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As for nursing pads - I used all disposables last time and A LOT of them. I really want to use cloth this time but only have read negative reviews about everything out there until I discovered this newish company. They are pricey, but I think I will buy a set. They are a local product for me (made and owned in Colorado) so I feel good supporting them. I could probably make my own but I just don't have time this time of year. I'm already wanting to try my hand at making a few of my own cloth diapers this time. In case anyone wants to check out this product/company:




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Originally Posted by belacmsage View Post

We are leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning for a week-long visit to friends and family out there. While I am looking forward to seeing people, I am not looking forward to the plane ride or traveling with a toddler. DS has never flown and I am worried he will not do well on the trip. Anyone have any advise?

Stickers and a place to stick them.  A coloring book with tons of sticker pages works pretty well.  A mini-doodle-pro/magna doodle/whatever they're called these days.  They have tiny ones in the christmas gift section of Target.  When DD was younger she didn't want to draw, but she liked me to draw and she would "name that animal" or whatever.  Extra diapers, just in case you end up stranded on the runway (I know, bad to think, but better to prepare for the worst).  Snacks--you can get away with taking a lot through security for young toddler, as long as you put them in the standard pint-size bag.


Good luck!!


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ok, some I'm looking for some advice...


first, my daughter has transitioned to her big girl bed this week, and the transition has been seamless.  no tears, no fuss.  yay! right? i'm actually quite sad everytime i go to bed now because she's not there... is this normal?  she's fine in her bed, and i shouldn't feel guilty, right?? I guess i just miss her.  i miss the reconnect time since i work during the day.  ugh. any words of comfort before i go grab her out of her bed and put her back in mine??? i never thought I'd be the one who wasnt ready for the big girl bed.


and second... I've been having a lot of vaginal pain lately, more internal, like swelling or something, sometimes it's pressure like and other times it's just an achy all over kind of feeling... is this normal with your second pregnancy?? anyone had this before? sorry if it's TMI, but i'm just wondering if this is common??


in better news... i'm super excited about the holiday and I get to see my best friend on Friday for some shopping!! yay!! 


I hope you ladies are all having a great Monday!

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chiro- I totally get both of your questions!  I am already realizing that I will miss DS when he moves to his own bed.  I am not postponing it because of it but I realized that I draw comfort and connection through having him there at night just like he does. He isn't ready yet and we are just making very small steps toward it but while one part of me wants it to hurry so I can get a couple of months in my own bed, the other part is already aware that I will miss him and that it is such a short time that they need us in the really intense needy way!


As far as the vaginal swelling/aching, I have what I think you are describing. I never did with DS but this time it usually seems to correspond with a lot of walking or really prolonged standing. I wasn't sure if it was my pelvic floor?  What I do know is that I don't have throbbing, more of an aching. My mw suggested maybe it was vericose veins but I don't have any throbbing.  I feel a lot better if I just sit down for about 10 min.  Makes me feel better to know someone else feels it!  It is annoying but not all the time for me.


sunflower- super interesting! I am also on a very slow track to becoming an IBCLC. My concentration in my master's was lactation and it paid off too bc DS is tongue tied, but not posterior.  We didn't get it clipped and I worked a lot to help it stretch and ensure proper nursing.  I am not sure how I feel about clipping it this time if this one has tongue tie.  We'll see.  DH seems to be the tongue tie person, his mom had a lot of trouble breastfeeding both him and his sister and quit really early.  Unfortunately, no one was able to help her or knew to look for it.


bela- hope your flight goes well! I am already thinking about our december flight. Justkate suggested some really good ones.  For us, it is always about having enough in case you need it and rotating through options of what to do.  The stickers though, that will definitely go a long way now, looking forward to that one in december!

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Oh and marnica, congrats on the girl!  Sounds like the ultrasound was a great relief! Enjoy the holidays and yay for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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Chiro: I totally missed DD when she moved to her own bed. I actually wound up snuggling a pillow for awhile. I was happy she was in her own bed and happy, but I did definitely miss her. Now she never even asks to sleep in our bed.


flavorfull: What's your degree in? I'm a LLL Leader who's increasingly getting interested in the clinical side of things. I'm going to give it a few years before I start doing my IBCLC coursework, but since this is the last baby I know I'll have free time in like 3 years. But I'm not going to get the credential until I know what type of practice/job I want, and I still need to do all the preliminary coursework. I have a while before I'll be ready to sit for the test. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying life in the trenches of the breastfeeding world :)

As for the tongue tie, DD didn't have one thankfully, and I don't know if I do have one, but what I've seen about adult frenulums suggest mine is thicker than usual, and I do have a slight lisp. Mom never breastfed me so it didn't come up there.

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Carly - awesome!  I actually purchases various bamboo and hemp fabrics to make into doublers, wipes, etc so these would be a snap to make.  I just need to buy some PUL.

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chiromama, I missed DD something awful when she started sleeping in her own bed through the night, but it did help DH and me sleep better.  Lately she's been going to sleep in our bed, so I get in and cuddle her (against her will) for an hour or so until DH comes to bed, then he puts her in her own bed.  Then in the morning she gets back in bed with me for more cuddles.  It really is the best of both worlds right now.  But I know where you're coming from.  happytears.gif

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yep, I missed all my girls when they moved into their own beds while at the same time enjoying being able to spread out.


My little baby moved for just over 4 hours last night! Holy wow. I think this one may be like my first and not need a lot of sleep.


I have also had the vaginal pain when I have been walking too much.


bela, let us know how it goes on the plane.

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DS has been in his own bedroom for a while but it is right accross from our room; however, with the new one coming I will need to move him down the hall to DH's room (works 3rd shift and that room only has one window so it is darker).  I still need to get it cleaned out, painted and DS's clothes moved.  I am hoping to get it done next month as my brother and sister bought him new bedding and accessories for his room and would like to move him after Christmas so he can get use to it before the new baby is born. 


I do have a question for you guys.  I have a history of depression but have been off of everything since 2007.  I didn't have any problems while I was pregnant with DS and my insomnia didn't really kick in until about 32wks, when I was put on modified bedrest for incompetent cervix.  I have been so emotional this pregnancy and crying over just about everything.  I also am averaging about 4hours of sleep a night.  I fall asleep but then get up to pee and my mind just starts racing and I can't get back to sleep.  I am not sure how much lunger I can handle this before going insane. I have an appointment with my OB next week (I will be 20wk5d at the appt.) Thursday and I am thinking of asking about starting back on an antidepressant.  I know in the past he has told me that Wellbutrin was a safe drug, but I just not sure if I want to take a chance but I also don't know how much more I can take.  I am also not sure if it is just because of the pregnancy or if it is delayed grief from the one I lost in May 2011.  I still am afraid with every scan that this baby will be dead, even though I feel movement at times.  I am just not sure what to do anymore and thought maybe someone would be able to give me some suggestions.  I have taken a couple of doses of Benadryl which lets me sleep but I don't want to keep taking it. 


Sorry about the sadness I just can't seem to talk to any of my family about this. 


Take care everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. 

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Remark: By all means go on medication if it helps you. Many anti-depressants are pregnancy safe, and certainly better than you being an emotional wreck. A good friend of mine was on a lower dose of prozac all through pregnancy and breastfeeding and everyone was fine.

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Oh my goodness, remark, by all means, get yourself feeling better!  Seriously, its nothing to be ashamed of.  I've been on and off anti-depressants for YEARS, and am on *gasp* the lowest dose of paxil for this pg.  And yes *gasp again* its a Class D now. (Downgraded from a Class C in February 2010 due to a Swedish study that I think was pretty flawed.)  But there are anti-depressants that are more recommended--Zoloft, I think, is a good one.  Wellbutrin made me pee my pants even when I wasn't pg.  Bearing in mind that even some formulations of the flu shot (which "they" recommend for pg women) are in Class C....basically you have to weigh what's best for you and baby against what society (including MDC, no disrespect intended) is going to think.  For me, after researching and speaking extensively with my midwives, I've come to believe that it would be more detrimental to me, my DD, and little baby for me to go off the medicine or switch than to stay the course.  I'd be happy to chat more--its been an emotional journey for me.  Let me know. ((( hug2.gif)))

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remark-- could you talk to a psychologist?  maybe having someone to express all your thoughts to would help ease your mind?  or maybe another friend whose been through a similar event?  

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