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Cramping - What's normal? When to worry?

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I'm at week 15 now, and have been getting moderate dull cramping on and off for a while now, and the midwife says that's normal.


Today I got a few "stabbing" sort of cramps, the kind where it feels like someone is jabbing something into your uterus. They lasted less than 30 seconds each, and there have only been a few, but I'm trying to decide when/if I should call the midwife. There's no bleeding or any other symptoms, but they were sharp enough that I bent over in pain when one struck while walking.


It's been about 20 minutes since the last one struck... does this sound normal? Or should I call up the midwife's after-hours line?


I read about Braxton-Hicks contractions, but the description of what that feels like didn't sound right, and since this is my first pregnancy it's also pretty early for those to start.

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I have had those cramps too with my previous pregnancies and with this one but if you are worried, I would call my midwife (I think I called mine with my first baby). I think its just the normal round ligament pain and it has become less severe and frequent with each pregnancy but it always catches me off guard and I stop in my tracks and have to bend over in pain too. Mine don't last 30 seconds though- mine are about 5 or less seconds. One of the many benefits of having a midwife is the fact that you can call them at any hour with a worry or a question. I don't know if this helps, I will be thinking about you :)

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It sounds like round ligament pain but like Linnie said, it wouldn't hurt to call your midwife.  I get those stabbing pains occasionally, particularly if I'm over exerting myself with exercise or housework.

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Yeah, sounds like round ligament pain. I always describe it as someone stabbing me with a knitting needle- a fat one! Usually get it when I'm walking faster than normal, rolling over in bed, bending over to pick something up, stretching to reach something high up...um...anything other than sitting or standing still and I'm liable to get it (at least sometimes, not every time).


Worth a call if you're worried (mama intuition is good stuff, don't discount it!), but it sounds pretty normal to me.


It could also be something as simple as gas pains or constipation. Both of those give me a bugger of a stomach pain- quick, crampy, stabbing, and lasting 30 seconds - 2 minutes ish when I move wrong.

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I've also been experiencing the same kind of stabbing pains. My pains have ranged from a stabbing feeling in my cervix to pulling pains in my vagina (of all places). They are very worrisome when they are happening! My midwife assured me they are normal as well. And the wonderful women of this board also assured me they are usual. So I feel better about things.

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Thanks everyone. My "mama intuition" is that they're just normal cramps, but if they happen again today I'll probably call.


I'm showing a lot more this week than last week, so I think things are moving around. In addition to the cramp waves, it feels like I did an ab workout and then got punched in the gut. I think my abdominal muscles are making way for things.

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I get random pains, including stabbing ones, off and on all the time!  They can happen from exerting myself or just simply standing up from a chair.  It's weird.

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Good post- I too am 15 weeks with lots of the stretching/cramping going on- and after a pretty tough workout last night I have been worried all morning I way overdid it and something bad will happen to the baby! I think next time I'll take it a bit lighter at the gym, but it's reassuring that the pulling and cramping is normal (it's my first too). 



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