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Can a doctor do anything about grassy poop?

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My 5 month old has had diarrhea for 3 weeks. Is that typical? She is exclusively breastfed; no solids yet, but has been taking probiotics for the past week. It is much MUCH better than it was and she never had a fever, just lots and LOTS of poop.


Long story short, now that only about 1/2 her diapers are poopy, they are looking a lot like light green grass and today we also had some pink streaking. We have a well visit scheduled for next week, but I called today after the pink streaks and they said we should come in this week since it's a long weekend. I guess my concerns are:

1. Is he going to try and put her on antibiotics???

2. 2 doctor visits in 2 weeks seem like a lot of unnecessary exposure to sickness

3. They still want us to come in next week for the well visit...even though we're not vaccinating

4. Is there a point to going in? Could this be serious?

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I will do my best to settle your nerves.  The only thing that would be of concern to me are the pink streaks.  Is that blood?  If not then I wouldn't worry at all. 


The one thing that I do know for sure is that your babies digestive tract is not fully developed at the time of birth.  There are special 'things' in your breast milk to help your baby's GI tract stay in balance and helps it to mature.  It sounds like (because the proibotic worked) that your babies GI tract needed a 'boost' and is now more on track. 


I would rule out serious problems (a torn or stressed intestine?) by getting the stool checked and maybe the doctor will do some kind of physical exam or probe?.  But aside from that I WOULD NOT put my baby on antibiotics 'just in case'.  I consider fever the sign of infection and if you baby doesn't get ubber fusy or run a fever and the stool test is normal than I would avoid any medications of any kind. 


You however can take vitamins, lots of probiotics, garlic and echinacea to just keep strong and vital.  Your breast milk is by far the best thing for the baby.   There will be noticable improvement in you babies ability to digest food over the coarse of the first three months and then you should see significant improvement.  You can also do an elimination diet to see if your baby is reacting to wheat or gluten or diary.


Good Luck.

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I second the vote for an elimination diet for you.  "Grassy" is not one i have ever heard before - typically a baby that is having mucousy green poops could be having a reaction to dairy.  I would actually cross post in the breastfeeding forum and call your local LLL leader - maybe go to a meeting and see if there are some moms who have BTDT.  Pediatricians tend not to fool around with elimination diets in the mother for too long and simply recommend formula  - i think you will have to do your own research on this one!

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Thanks ladies. I'll try calling my LLL leader. I tried block feeding last night and I think that may have helped. She's only had one poop today and it was totally normal. It's just weird that she was fine for 4 months before all this started. I cancelled the doctor apt. We'll see him next week for the well visit. I haven't seen any more of the pink streaking, so I'm thinking it's okay. Obviously if it happens again or she has any other symptoms we'll get her checked out.

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