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FIN #45, IL


Please contact QueenOfTheMeadow  if you have anything for this family.



We celebrate Christmas

DS-age 8 Sz 8-10
1. Gift Card to Barnes and Noble or Books: Reading level 4-6th grade. Anything on history, animals, non fiction. He also really likes the magic tree house books we have up to book 40. He would like some research guides). He also likes Goosebumps books.

2. Legos

DD- 6 SZ 6-7
1. Gift Card to Barnes and Noble or Books: needs early readers as she can not read yet.... Level K-1
2. Dress up things/Hair Bows

Family Needs
1. Gift Card for Barnes and Noble or any books.  See above for suggestions for kids.  For Mom: I really would like any book. If a mama on MDC likes it I should like it too.

2. Family DVD's burned copies would be great.
I am a single divorced mom of two kids we live off child support and food stamps right now as well as I clean a few houses. I am going to look for part time employment after the new year but it is hard as I have no family in the area. I was a SAHM before the divorce and after a 2-3 year long custody battle and chaotic I am regrouping which is why I am trying to be at home and in the classroom as much as possible since I feel that is best for the kids.
thank you for considering my application.

Me- :)

1. I would like nice body wash or soap
2. Pajamas Sz Large


 lg pajama pants and soap and lotion for mom.


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