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Cool Baby Stuff

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So this will be baby #3 for us, and we have a lot of stuff already.  BUT an important part of my nesting in second trimester happens to be the building of Amazon wishlists.  :)  I'm sure it is totally dictated by physiology.  I have to do it, you see.


So the challenge is finding stuff to put on the New Baby Wishlist that is unique and new and solves problems I didn't know I had with the other two babies.  I probably won't buy half of the stuff, but somehow, I like knowing what's out there.  It makes me feel like a New Baby Expert.  I'm never more of a materialist than when I'm pregnant!  I go into major "gatherer" mode. 


So... help me out?  Have you see any unique or new baby products out there that have caught your eye?


Here are the couple I have so far:


Baby Car Seat Rocker





We had a more swing-like looking swing from Graco with #2, and though I liked it, it was noisy and cumbersome.  We have never had a real swing.  But I love how small this one is.



Baby K'tan Baby Sling



I'm really curious about these.  I like that they look secure but might pack down really small.


Blue Enamel Chamber Pot



We practice EC with our babes, and this item brings out the potty-collector in me.  It is so darling!  I'd put a "potty cozy" on it to keep it from being too cold on the little tush.


That's it so far!  If you find anything interesting, let me know!




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One item that I really would like this time around is the Bright Starts Ingenuity Bouncer.  It is a infant bouncer that actually bounces on its own.  With my DS we always had to bounce it with our foot.  My husband said they should come out with one that automatically bounces and sure enough a year after my DS was done with his they come out with one.  With DS I only registered at Target and this time I decided to register at Target, Babies R Us and Walmart.  Mostly I put on the essentials (diapers, wipes, soap, etc.) but did add a few toys and other items.  Do not know if I will get anything from anyone but that is what I requested for christmas is anything off my registery.  At least if I don't get much I will get discounts from Target and Babies R Us for anything I want to buy off my list just prior to my due date. 

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OOh fun.  I like the idea of the baby k'tan carrier, but I don't know if I feel like learning how to use another carrier.  But it is so much fun to see the new things that have come out in just a couple of years.  I think I should be making a list too...

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they had one of those k'tan carriers on auction at the LLL conference silent auction. I sort of want it.



I have also started an amazon wish list for this baby. All I have so far are some diaper covers, an ergo and a stroller with a basket underneath. I doubt I will get an ergo although I have wanted one with every baby, it's just so expensive. The stroller we will get at a used baby store in town. diapers I will make. I don't want to look at too much stuff because it will make me depressed when we can't afford it.


As for new, neat baby items? Can you believe some cloth diapers are getting so affordable? and maternity clothes have come a long way in only 8-9 years!



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All I really need is cloth diapers. We didn't use them last time (I know, I know...it was all too overwhelming for me. Bad mommy.), and I'm committed to it this time around. I don't know how many or what  kind or what accoutrements I need; I'm completely clueless at this point. I have it on the calendar to do some research on it once the holidays are over. 


(Ooh but I need a new carrier also. This thread reminded me.)

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i never knew about these with my other 2 although i know they are not 'new'. were building a house an di know i will be putting in the propper hardawre for one or 2 of these3 when we do!




however, i think my 5 year old, and 3 year old may have too much fun swinging baby! haha!

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Aletheia--your post cracks me up.  I totally get where you are coming from.


My girlfriend had an Amazon wishlist for her recent baby and got me turned onto Amazon Mom.  She had this on her list (car seat piddle pad) which makes total sense and maybe has been around for years but since we're going to be about 7 yrs out since DD was born, it was new to me and I thought it was a FANTASTIC idea...how many times did I take apart the entire carseat to clean a poop-splosion off the cover?



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I got one of those piddle pads b/c my 2 year old kept peeing in the car after she was trained, she just wouldn't tell me when she had to go if we were in the car.  I have no doubt some of the hardcore carseat peopel will say they aren't safe to use, but I decided to chance it. Get 2. one for in the seat one for the wash.

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Originally Posted by NCMtnMama View Post

All I really need is cloth diapers. We didn't use them last time (I know, I know...it was all too overwhelming for me. Bad mommy.), and I'm committed to it this time around.


No no, no mommy guilt! I only CD'ed for DD's first three months and then after 20 months.  Whatever.  IMHO that's not something that's going to make or break it for a kid.  love.gif

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yeah... DH and I don't have a washer/dryer and the nearest laundromat is about about 8 blocks away over an overpass.  DH has a van but I don't drive and don't want to be so dependant on him if I can help it.  Ideally, I would LOVE to CD but realistically I think it's fair to say it's not going to happen.  Let's just say I am not one to judge!

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