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Is it hard for you to lose while breastfeeding?

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I don't know if I should be cutting calories more or if this is an ok thing and should be expected.


I have been obese for a while but began primal eating in Jan 2010. By July I had lost 30 lbs and found out I was pregnant. YAY! Had a baby in April and by the time I went into labor I had gained the entire 30 lbs back.


Lost that easily and then lost 25 more pounds to a total of 55 lost post partum, since April 2011. 


Now my kiddo is still nursing for most of his calories (he is doing BLW) at 7 months and I am fighting for each pound I lose. I have lost 5 pounds in three months. So frustrating seeing as how I have 95 lbs more to go. (my high weight was 300, am now 245).


I eat primal but have continued fruit ad lib. I don't want my little guy to lose out on good breastmilk, but I would *like* to lose weight sometime this century! I plan on nursing him until he weans or around 3 years old, whichever comes first.


You hear about weight flying off when you breastfeed but do some of you hang on to weight?





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I have never struggled so bad with my weight as when I am nursing. I absolutely cannot control what I eat, and I am famished all. the. time. So many of my friends have had a hard time keeping up with calories and keeping weight on while nursing, but not me. Now at 18 months things are slowing down a bit I feel like I am starting to get a handle on it. I also seem to have more energy now for walking 4 or 5 times a week. Good luck, you are not alone!

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I don't find it harder or easier to lose while bfing than when not - it is ALWAYS hard for me to lose. As for cutting back, if you cut back gradually you should be able to see if it is affecting your supply. Personally I don't find cutting back affects my supply but for some people it does. If it does you will have to up what you are eating again.

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For me it was impossible. Whether that's hormonal (including hunger stimulating hormones and fat preserving hormones), hormonal related to prolactin, hormonal related to age (over 40), or just a function of being so blindsided by the experience of motherhood during the nursing years (which for me included deep deep exhaustion which made exercise and self-discipline an impossible challenge)  - I can't say. I can say I couldn't lose more than the immediate post partum drop til he weaned at 3.5. Suddenly, I can take walks and resist non-nutritional food, and I can lose weight again.

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Oh my word, you are preaching to the choir. I have 2 dd's one is 5 and nursed for 2 years the other is 18 months and still nursing. I cannot for the life of me lose a lb while breastfeeding...ugh. I started primal eating 3 weeks ago (marks daily apple etc.) and am nursing the18 month old baby. And wouldn't you know it I lost 7lbs.

I did AMAZING with my eating and all of that, then don't you konw it she got the stomach bug and wants to nurse all day for 8 days straight....which is fine, really good for her but it makes me CRAVE junk. Which made me realize that my problem was I wasn't eating ENOUGH...that might just be your problem too. Maybe your macros are out of whack (not enough fat, too much carbs.) I really really suggest tracking on a free site like dailyburn.com or fitday.com for 2-3 days of average eating and see what you are doing....you might find that you have slipped in getting enough fat and you would be SHOCKED to see how many carbs are in fruits.
That being said you are nursing so in my book nursing health first, body weight second. Eat what you need to fuel yourself and your baby and to feel good doing it. I also strongly suggest going to marksdailyapple.com to the forums and reading up there. They have some AMAZING advice and a wealth of experience.


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I just remarked to friends the other day that it's a damn dirty lie that weight just falls off you while you're breastfeeding.  And yes, I would like mustard with the HOUSE that I am about to eat, thank you.  I thought I could eat in the 3rd trimester?  I am making myself back then look like a delicate little flower, too nervous to finish a real meal.  (Less inclined to the red meat now, though.  Seriously, weeks 30-40 of pregnancy I basically just ate any cow I came across.  It was kinda gross, since I generally eschew beef, but anyway.) 

So i cut my calories very reasonably, and promptly dried up.  Little miss was NOT happy.  I was not happy, because little miss is expressive (good for her!) and both verbalizes and bites.  So back to the fridge I went. 

After that was the holidays, and now I am trying to eat mindfully and healthfully, and lose weight by exercise.  I have just over 2 hours of exercise scheduled each day.  I do yoga, I do weights or calisthenics, and I walk a minimum of 1.5 miles.  I don't finish every day, and I am sometimes really exhausted, but between that and housework I think the scale will start to budge.  I haven't really seen any movement yet, but I've only been at this regime under two weeks, so we'll see. 

The very minute I am not breastfeeding and lose the first non-breastfeeding pound I am going face down in the world's biggest whiskey glass with joy.  No sour mash, too many calories.  irked.gif

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You know- I think it depends on what you expect and what you are willing to do.
I want to nurse my little monkey as LONG as possible. I also realize that this means my body is going to NATURALLY hang onto about 10 lbs to do so. I have to figure that in. Yes you lose weight nursing- but you also store it for that purpose, too.


I am considered 'mildly' obese (okay don't laugh but I know I did) at 151lbs 5', 2". I dont know how much of that is in my DD boobes or the skin I harbor from birthing 7 kiddos, but I certainly dont LOOK obese.


I decided I would lose the 25 lbs while nursing because Im NOT at a healthy weight, and if I do so in a HEALTHY manner- it would benefit everyone. I started on Phase II of the South beach diet because it is NOT limiting calories, just limiting the types of fat and sugar you take in. I can have milk, cheese, fruits, whole grains, meats, fats, vegies, etc- but healthy types! I think Phase II is totally breastfeeding appropriate and you can lose 1-2 (even 3 lbs depending on how overweight you are) a week if you workout too. 


As long as you:

Arent holding back on the good carbs to lose faster

arent over-working out


you should be able to consistantly lose and breastfeed just fine.


I Have lost 5 lbs already and Ive set myself a goal of 12 weeks to lose 25 lbs. Im in week 2 and I love it so far! If you guys want encouragement or to follow and see how I'm doing it, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel- Postpartumloser and see how it goes. :) I record my am and pm weight, my meals daily and exercise... as well as Im going to try and interview some other people who have done it and lost it and kept it off!


Good luck guys! If you have any other tips please let me know!

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You could try replacing the fruit with veges. Fruit has heaps of sugar in it. I know it makes a difference for me when I cut as much sugar as possible.

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But fruit also have a LOT of beneficial nutrients in it. I think it's good once and a while! Blueberries, strawberries- raisins definitely, bananas have potassium - so maybe not CUT OUT but in moderation? yes?

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Originally Posted by Jynuine View Post

But fruit also have a LOT of beneficial nutrients in it. I think it's good once and a while! Blueberries, strawberries- raisins definitely, bananas have potassium - so maybe not CUT OUT but in moderation? yes?

Depends what your goals are. There's not many nutrients in fruit that you can't get from veges or other. lower sugar, sources. If you don't want to cut it out completely then I would at least reduce it to once or twice a week. I would definitely cut all dried fruit which is concentrated sugar and way too easy to eat too much of.

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