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Alternatives to Bottle Feeding

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I'm going to be going  back to work two days per week starting next Monday and DH will be home with Maisie.  Maisie does not like the bottle and we're thinking we'll have to try a cup, spoon or eyedropper instead.  Has anyone out there used one of these methods?  Which one worked best and how exactly did you do it?  We're having a hard time envisioning the mechanics.  Thanks!

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When Charlie had his weight crisis, we tried a few things. He was less than a week old and did fine drinking from a spoon.

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Apparently my husband and his mom were both cup fed from 3 months on. My mother in law tells me it worked just fine (but she doesnt let on otherwise very much :)

good luck!

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I don't have any experience with this at all, but I definitely wish you luck!


If it helps, I can say that DS flat out refused the bottle for the couple of weeks we tried it out on him before I went to work. The first week I went in to work was rough, and he barely took and ounce here an there. But as the weeks went on, he got better and better at it, and now he is a bottle feeding champ! We just kept on trying, using 5 different kinds of bottles to see which he preferred, and just kept on trying.



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2 days a week for how many hours?  I would try each method and see how it works out.  Once your LO is older and eating solids it won't be that big of a deal, but for now I'd go with whatever method gets the most milk in, without too much fussing.  


Remember too that some babies just need to suck.  It's how they get comfort.  It might be easier when you're actually gone like Tina was saying, and they *have* to figure out a way to make the bottle work.


Either way, ((hugs)) as you head back to work.  It's never easy!!

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Could you try finger feeding? I did that with DD when she was having latch issues as a newborn. http://pediatrics.about.com/library/breastfeeding/blbreastfeedingi.htm


It worked well for us and felt really natural. We did that because it was the most like breastfeeding. Not sure if there's some reason not to do it long term.


eta well the article says cup feeding is good if the mother is not present... still maybe something to keep in mind?

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Thanks for the advice and support Ladies!

DH has been trying the spoon and much to our amazement, she does seem to be able to lap it up like a little kitten.

We'll keep trying the bottle, but I'm comforted in knowing that she won't be starving while I'm gone.

She's gonna be sad though and so am I.

Thankfully it's only 16 hours per week (plus commute), but it still feels like too long to be away from her.

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One of the mom's from my facebook group had a similar issue and used the bottle nipple as a paci for a few weeks to get the baby used to it. She said it worked great and he will now take a bottle though he prefers right from the tap. ;) 

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