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Starting to get uncomfortable

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Up until 2 weeks ago I felt great (aside from the heartburn of death of course). Now it's getting more difficult to be physically active. Cleaning the house seems like a lot more work, and so does tying my shoes! Are things getting more difficult for you all yet?

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I feel all of the things you listed, both from the before and after, lol.

I feel mostly great except for the heartburn, and certain movements are getting difficult. For the shoes, I have stairs that end right by the front door, so I sit down on the last step to tie my shoes and it isn't a problem. I'm having a hard time bending to clear the hair trap while I'm in the shower though!
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Yep. I can't stand and shave in the shower, I have heartburn, I am randomly nauseated, my sacroiliac joint hurts, and I'm getting winded at times. I can't even see the cereal in the cabinet, because my mom put it in a freaking hallway, leaving only 1.5 feet for anyone to squat and look inside. (We live with her...grrr.) I also use five pillows at night, and my husband has been banished to the couch. (One for my head, body pillow, a couple pillows to situate my top arm if I'm on my side, and one little one to support my belly/waist.)
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I was getting worse. My heart was racing and I felt out of breath and tired all the time. But I've been eating better lately and definitely feeling a lot better.

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As the day gets later I am increasingly uncomfortable standing...feeling lots of pressure "down there."  Also getting harder to bend over.  So far this time I have been able to mostly keep my asthma under control with my inhaler, but my breathing is definitely getting harder.  

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Oh yeah.  Dh miscalculated and we had a stuck-in-the-hall moment until I could maneuver to shift my belly out of the way. ROTFLMAO.gif It is getting in the way big time.  I go to bend over, or reach for something and realize "Whoops, can't do that anymore".


Sciatic pain is getting to be a big problem.  I am sometimes hobbling around like I'm completely decrepit.  It was really bad when dh was having similar issues with his back, and the two of us were hobbling and groaning and getting stuck half-way to standing up. I never thought we'd "grow old together" so quickly!  lol.gif

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I made the mistake of rolling onto my back in bed this morning, and my left leg flopped to the side like frog's leg. OUCH! Dang sacroiliac joint! How can something like that hurt so bad?

I've also decided that my feet get too sore to shop for very long. Between having to pee, my feet hurting, and the random aches, I'd rather stay at home. Today it was my SI joints and my round ligaments that had me hobbled.
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The day before Thanksgiving, we were on a road trip to visit family, and I trying unsuccessfully to nap and thinking about how I am starting to feel like it's the third trimester.... and then I realized that the third trimester is just around the corner!


I was having a lot of problems with heartburn, but I've mostly got it under control by drinking kefir smoothies (great for getting me some needed extra calories, as well) every day or every other day.  First, I tried the ACV trick, but that only made things worse, and ick!  (though my 2 year old loved it)  I got much more relief from having a fresh apple before bed, so I'm so glad that we're in apple season right now.


I'm having more problems with back pain.  I've got a yoga routine that I have to do before bed just to be able to sleep comfortably.


My biggest complaint is the exhaustion.  My 2 year old has not been sleeping/napping well, and when I finally get her to sleep, the baby starts kicking... sometimes for 45 minutes straight!  DD's been not going down until late enough in the afternoon that I can't get a nap with her, and then she's been waking at night more.  Last night, she slept pretty much through the night (had to throw her covers back on her once), but then, at 6:19, I hear, "Mommy, milkies."  I ask her if she wants 10 seconds (our night-weaning-ish compromise... 10 seconds and then back to sleep), and she sits up in bed and says, "No, get up!  You get up too?"  I can't win.  Maybe she'll nap before 4PM today, cuz I am dragging!

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Feeling it here too.  My hips are killing me.  I'm SO tired and starting to notice swelling.

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