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Photos of Our Little Lovey Babies - Page 7

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Wow look at Rhys's smile!!! We call it "milk drunk" also ;-)

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(her "alien face")


6 wks -- The cute flower headband someone gave her. The flower is like the size of her head!
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He looks SO happy and chubby and sweet, Azadehhast!love.gif

AveryLamb:  I'm LOVING that headband photo.  It looks like she knows how adorable she is.  winky.gif

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LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Its so fun to go back and see how our babies have grown too!!!


Here is a pic of Naomi in her little pink diaper...she will be 6 weeks on Friday (tear)..she's keeping her eyes open and she was smiling and grinning all afternoon but I could not catch it on camera - she would gt mad whenever the flash went off lol



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Here are a couple of pictures of my little Owen :-)


Little Mr. Bright Eyes



During his second bath - it was hard to capture on film, but he loved his baths, got all alert and relaxed. It was so lovely, especially for his mama who was very sad about washing away his newborn smell (and even sadder when I went in for one last sniff and found that it was already gone. oh the tears!!) Such a gift that he loved it so!



Owey and Mama luxlove.gif


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Oh, my melty heart! Ari still looks SO tiny. What a beautiful girl.

Emberly has the most fantastically full lips. Wow!

And I can't believe the adorable hair on Owen and Naomi. So cute. Winter is loosing his hair....he has a circle of baldness around his head now, and I'm sure he won't get more hair until around age 2, just like the rest of the babies in my family. Sigh....little old man baby. Gosh, yup, he's so bald!

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Stephanie snoozing:




And my three kids together:




DS's face is scratched up because he got in a fight this week. The other kid started it, and he finished it by giving the kid a bloody nose. He's really passive and has been targeted a few times as someone to pick on, so I'm pretty relieved by this turn of events. As long as he's just defending himself, it's so SO much better than having him come home every week feeling helpless and crying because some kid was tormenting him. We flat out told him even if he's in trouble at school, he won't be at home.

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Oh, my melty heart! Ari still looks SO tiny. What a beautiful girl.

Thanks ^_^ At 4wks she was 6lb 4oz...you know, about the size or smaller than the rest of y'all's newborns wink1.gif
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Wearing Emberley in the same Maya ring sling her big sisters all rode in:



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Awww! Does she like sleeping in there? That looks like the kind of sling I used to have.

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She sleeps much better in there than her Moses basket... I think hearing the pitter-patter of 2yoDD's feet nearby makes Emberley nervous.  As well it should:  2yoDD tried picking her up from her basket earlier today and Emberley didn't let me put her back down the rest of the day.  I love my ring sling, but I have to say the Moby wrap is more newborn-friendly and I miss mine.  I prefer ring-slings as soon as they can sit up on their own, though, and I can use the koala and side-carry holds.

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Hee! Emberley is smart! I have a picture of DS and DD1 in her crib one day. He'd asked to go to the park and I'd made the mistake of replying with "We can go when Caitlin is finished her nap." and he said "Okay." and thought "That can be arranged" He went off and climbed into her crib and woke her up. She was probably 8 or 9 months old then, though.


I liked the hold where they sit criss-cross in it, facing outward.

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Headed to the park with my 3 babes :)


3 babes.jpg



Oliver - 7 weeks


6 weeks.jpg







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A professional photographer friend gifted us with a photo shoot -- here are some favorites.






JAN_2012_Norah_Pederson_NewbornSession-15 copy.jpg

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gorgeous jesusfollower!  I love the antique dresser :) 

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jesusfollower - those are beautiful photographs, absolutely beautiful!! how lucky you are :-)


Ashlee - we have this same blanket, but in light blue with brown trim. I love how soft and cuddly and warm it is!!

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Oliver - 7 weeks


6 weeks.jpg




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More of fat Eli. Up 5 pounds in 6 weeks. ;)





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He's so cute!! It's going to take him months to grow into his chin! that's amazing weight gain, Stephanie wasn't up 2 pounds yet at her last MW appointment. 


Stephanie had her first hairdo today:



Even after the elastic was out, her hair stood up!





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Love Stephanie's hair! I haven't had the nerve to do Naomi's yet...I want to though! Side note-- you look great Mummoth!

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Here is some more of Naomi..


Some of her first smiles (took a few days to catch one lol) I think around 6 weeks old:



Some boobie pics, which I just took for my own gratification/memory, but, figured if anyone else could appreciate it would be you ladies lol...didn't have the nerve to post on FB! ;-) This first one was taken around 4-5 weeks - I took it because I was afraid she might stop latching and wanted to make sure I got at least one pic of her nursing:



This one was taken at 7 weeks - a few hours after her frenectomy when I realized she might nurse for a few years yet ;-):



And this taken a few mins later when she pulled off and went to sleep on her own:


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