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Orally fixated child? Anyone have one???

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I have a 2 3/4 DD who put EVERYTHING in her mouth. As a tiny baby she would litterally destroy books she does not do that to books now but she does chew paper. Here are some other things that frequently enter her mouth- egg size music shakers, dominoes, small block. And these items go ALL the way in. She also chew and hold in her mouth rubber bands, hair band, google eyes, plastic.


You get the idea. And these are things she did even though I am really careful!! I mean this child has to be watched alllllll the time. I live in fear of ever leaving her alone with a baby sitter.  I also live in fear of staples, batteries, poisonous berries and a zillion other things. I am so beyond worrying about germs.


WHAT is happening here. I am still breast feeding (which of course she loves). I would be afraid that might have caused this or something but she was like this as soon as she popped out!


Oh, AND she started biting her nails which I remember doing in late elementary and having such a hard time stopping and hating that I was doing it. Ugh, I also remember chewing my hair. Is it hereditary?! 


Seriously though, do you think this is an emotional thing? Or a sensory thing? or a senses thing?



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Have you thought that maybe she has some sort of mineral deficiency? I've heard stories from my parents about kids who used to try and eat coal! Or other ridiculous things and it turned out they had a mineral deficiency.


Nail biting I usually attribute to a nervous habit. DSS used to bite his nails, the skin around his finger nails, and wring his hands while with his bio mom, then immediately stop when he was back with us. I of course, don't know what your dd might have to be nervous about, but it's just an idea. 


Granted, I may be reaching here. I honestly have no clue, but maybe talk to her pediatrician and see what they think. I would be worried about germs and of course, choking! Good luck! 

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this sounds a lot like my dd2.  For as long as I could remember she would mouth everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (even sharp things like staples or thumbtacks), and it drove me mad.  She had to be watched constantly, I couldn't take it anymore, that plus all the other things she would do I just couldn't keep up with.   Finally right about your daughter's age I had a friend whose mom worked with kids that had sensory issues and suggested having her evaluated with an OT.  It was a lifesaver, she was diagnosed as a sensory seeker with a tactile and auditory processing disorder.  She has been in therapy for a year and a half and when I read my posts from a couple years ago I feel like I'm reading them about someone else, OT has helped her so much.


I could just be projecting because of my experiences with my own little one, but I think it is definitely worth bringing up to your ped.

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One of my boys is constantly sucking on things (he will be four in jan) ...batteries, coins, little rubber toys like squinkies, i am surprised he has never choked. He often has his hands in his mouth, esp if he is nervous or in a social situation such as preschool (he is introverted)....he also has alot of other sensory stuff....is opposed to change or new situations....doesnt like his hair brushed or washed much....doesnt like to be touched except on his terms. I assume its all related. We just kind of try to go with the flow.

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Mineral deficiency or also lead exposure - worth checking on!

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My ds is 4 and still chews everything, always has something in his mouth.  Lately, he keeps wrecking shirts by eating holes in them.  He even ate my tempurpedic pillow once! 


He has a TON of food allergies, but has been tested and isn't deficiant in anything, so I don't know what it is really.  He is a super happy, easy going kid, he just eats a bunch of non-food things.



One of his friends, who is 6 and also has a ton of food allergies does the same thing.

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My son was very oral..He used to eat everything under the sun..Chew everything..Shirts fronts and sleeves were always wringing wet..Fingers and fist were always shoved in his mouth.He ate fuzz and hair terrible..The doctor tested him for lead and mineral difeicencies and everything was normal..We just concluded it was severe sensory..He also drooled alot..Even at ages 3-5..To help I gave him an electric toothbrush and it helped alot with keeping him from chewing his shirts to bits.Lots of reminders also..Eating non food things like fuzz ect..I had to get rid of all the fuzz blankets ect...That was terrible in itself.If I was to have this problem today I would also get him an amber teething necklace to keep around his neck.And I would have him evaluated for sensory therapy..Mine is 22 now and still has lots of problems.Hope it gets better for you...

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My 3 1/2 year old is always chewing on things too. I bought him one of those chewing giraffes, he was already over 3.


I shudder to think at the chemicals he has been explosed to, despite my attempts to get him to stop chewing on everything.


Maybe ill go get him tested for mineral deficiencies, but i wonder if its more likely a sensory issue with him....

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My ds is 4 and still chews everything, always has something in his mouth.  Lately, he keeps wrecking shirts by eating holes in them. 

My son used to chew all his clothes too. The OT suggested that he wear a "chewing necklace" which was like a piece of rubber tubing on a rope. It gave him something to chew on instead of his clothing or fingernails.  With DS it wasn't anything nutritional or anything like that. He outgrew the chewing in his own time but the chewy necklace saved a ton of shirts in the mean time.

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