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Still a bit of spotting here but I'm no longer worried. Just reading this thread seems to make even more real for me that spotting during preganacy is fairly common. I have to keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different. Just because I didn't have spotting with pregnancy #1 doesn't mean that spotting isn't normal for this pregnancy.
Other than the scare a couple of days ago, I've been feeling pretty good. The tiredness hasn't really gone away. I have a feeling that I might be getting low in iron. I'm on the amenic side of normal when not pregnant, so it only stands to reason that it's going to become something I have to keep track of when pregnant.
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Glad the worrys are gone! Heading to the Smoky's Mtns for the weekend! Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Lots of hiking in store and a hottub I'll keep the temp on the lower side though!

Last night I was in the btub with my DS and he was pouring water into my belly button. When I asked him what he was doing he said."the baby's thirsty, I'm giving baby water" Man, kids are just heart melting.......

check in with ya'll next week
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I just found out that kama'aina mama lost her baby.... .

I have to run...but I'll be back later to write more..

[lucysmama: I work at MetroHealth )
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T I was born there, Piglet!!! Dr. Dierker delivered me and my brothers.

I started to go there for my prenatals with Lucy because I lived like 2 minutes away in Tremont, but I HATED the NP I was seeing, and I always had to wait like an hour past my appointment time to see her, so I left Metro and joined a smaller CNM/OB practice.

Are you having this baby at Metro?

PS - Glad your u/s went well, and baby looks healthy!
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One thing I forgot to mention - the U/S tech showed me where the baby was...it was NOT where I thought I'd felt the movement, LOL! So I guess I was just experiencing some muscle twitching. Ah well!

lucysmama: I'm quite certain that Dr. Dierker delivered my friend's two babies (they are now 5 and 2 years old). Is he the one that takes those fabulous black and white photos?

I might be delivering here. The OB I'm seeing is here. We aren't actually sure yet. Hoping to move back home to Vancouver before baby is born, but it depends on where DH gets a job, among other things. We live between Metro and Tremont (technically not Tremont, but close enough). There are lots of kids around here!

mirthfulmum: i was reading your child's name is Alias...I always thought you were Jen but now I'm thinking you are name-starting-with-K, ends-in-A? (since it's a unique name and you don't list it I wont' post it here). If you are Jen, I met you a couple times in Stanley Park at the MDC mamas gatherings. If you are K then I met you at Dunderave one time and, as I recall, we chatted quite a bit.
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Piglet -

Yes, he takes those black and white portraits of his patients. I have mine from my birth!!! I remember posing for my brother's family shots when they were born.

BTW, I used to live right on W14th by Lincoln Park. I really liked living in Tremont. I live in Peninsula now.
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Yeah Piglet I read that too, Kama'aina mama if you stop back here, I am so sorry...
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Wow good memory Piglet. Yes, I'm Kazia (i'm sorry to say I can't remember your non-MDC name). It's not that I don't post my name due to a desire for anonymity, but simply because that the spelling is misleading and most people (who are not of Polish heritage) have trouble pronouncing it. We did meet at Dunderave that one time. That was a really fun morning. I couldn't get to the MDC playgroups much after that and just sort of got out of the habit.

I read about Kama'aina mama this morning as well. It broke my heart. I can imagine the depth of sorrow she must be feeling. It is so hard to loose a pregnancy. And I think that miscarrying after you've had a child makes it even more difficult as now you are more aware of what you are loosing.
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hi! had my first dr's appt today...he said i look perfect, ...baby's hr was 165...it's so cool to sear how they mature with time...i listened at work at 10 weeks and it was 180, then a week later it was 170's, and now at 12w 4d it was 165...i just think that is cool to hear the maturity of their little systems increase overtime, ya know? i have gained about 4 lbs so far...wt was discouraging for me this pregnancy b/c i was 43 lbs heavier when i got preg than my last one . he did say to watch the wt gain, i said i know. i really hope to do well in that area this preg. he said my fundus was just below my navel, he said it measured about 15 weeks, but i generally measure large. anyway, that was the lowdown on my appt....hope everyone is feeling great!
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I started a poll for us here about fetal movement!
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I've been bad about not posting on this thread lately even though I read it a couple of times everyday! Guess I've just been too lazy to write...

Everything is going well on this end. I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow. Still haven't choosen a midwife, we've just been dragging our heels a bit and then having to wait a few weeks for an appointment/consultation to meet with the various midwives we're considering. Tommorow we're meeting with another CPM who does homebirths and on Monday we have an appointment for a CNM who works in an OB practice and delivers at the local hospital. I'm trying to go into this with an open mind, but I really want nothing to do with the hospital if it can be avoided...

My regular clothes are a bit snug but yet maternity clothes are still ridicuously big. Still, my MIL is taking me shopping this weekend at on Old Navy with a maternity department. I can't wait until I start to get really BIG- I want it to be obvious to anyone I meet that I am PREGNANT! I'm getting so excited about this baby that I just want to tell everyone that I meet, even strangers! (This was a surprise pregnancy and it took a while to really sink in, DH and I have recently hit the SUPER excited phase...its not that we were unhappy to begin with, just utterly shell shocked.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I don't know about the rest of you, but for here they're predictable absolutely gorgeous weather. The last couple of weekends have been so cold and nasty that I can't wait!
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Our weather is the same, I guess, Futuremama. It was "winter" as little as four days ago. UGH. Anyways, today it was 54 this morning and supposed to get up to 70 sooooo...

I shaved my legs and pits for the first time since winter started (and that was six months ago, lol). My goodness, what a job that was! Clippers and three blades later (and all the hot water, lol)...But I have these cute sorta-cropped maternity pants that I was dying to wear and so it had to be done, lol. I'm feeling very sunny in a bright yellow short-sleeved maternity shirt!

My mother says she bought me a pair of pants that she is bringing with her when she comes to visit next month. She'll be here for 2 weeks and she loves to shop so I'm going to be really bad and allow her to spend shamelessly on me. We're so broke these days that I haven't been able to buy anything for myself (yeah, yeah, boo hoo...). I"m also going to hit her up for diaper money - I want to order some custom cloth dipes and want to get them while I am still here in the US. IF we move back to canada it will be very expensive to have them shipped there. yeah...that's my logic see..it's not that I'm impatient or anything... :LOL

Hmmm, should I tell her the custom sling I want to order takes 6 months to make and they need to be paid now?
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Pig -- i'm wearing capri's and a short sleeved yellow shirt today, too!
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Originally posted by Piglet68

I shaved my legs and pits for the first time since winter started (and that was six months ago, lol). My goodness, what a job that was! Clippers and three blades later (and all the hot water, lol)...
Up until a couple of weeks ago, the last time I bothered shaving was when my husband and I got married in September. When I finally decided to shave again I also decided to use my husband's clippers before even beginning to think about attacking it with a razor! After I was done you ought to have seen the hairy ring-around-the-tub -- yuck!
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I told my cycle instructor that I was so hot and had to mow the grass before I put on shorts. She thought I was actually going outside! :LOL I hear ya about the ring. I need to mow now.....

I'm going shopping (again : ) for maternity pants. Yall are clearly smaller than this 18-20.

Today I went to the gro store after cycle class and stalked the employees at 10 am while they made 7 layer mexican bean dip and deli sandwiches.

And....the best part....I won a little something for my baby....Piglet I thought I was gonna hafta fightcha when I heard u talkin bout it. There were two others tho. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...EBWN%3AIT&rd=1

Well, I'm feelin a smolder from that bean dip I guess. I guess I'll grab some water;but,its time for another feeding!
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Letia, those diaper covers are sooo cute! But I MUST stay away from diaper sites.....
Mmmm....7 layer bean dip sounds so good now-uh oh!

I'm off to buy maternity pants this weekend-it's time! My pants from my previous 2 are so ratty I need at least 2-3 prs to get me by since shorts weather will be here soon-yeah-and yah-I need to mow the grass too LOL

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Oh Letia...I have this hilarious image in my mind of you, pregnant, standing there at the counter while some poor soul mixes up the 7 layer bean dip, a look of pure hyena on your face...LOL! I love it! I can't wait for when I'm really big and I'll be pushing them out of my way for the fresh-off-the-assembly-line Krispy Kreme donuts, he he he!

I'm also really happy for you that you got one of those lovely diaper covers!!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer hyena...er..mama!!

Have a great weekend everybody. I will try to post next week's thread on Sunday evening so it's here for ya'll early on Monday morning.
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Can I just complain? I'm so sick of being sick. I just got over morning sickness and now I have a wicked cold. I made it through two first trimesters without puking and now this cold....I coughed so hard last night and this morning that I puked. DH is away on his ship til tomorrow, he always is away when I am sick. I hate it. DS doesn't feel great. I'm so tired. I'm coughing all night when I am not peeing and I have that insomnia that makes it hard to go to sleep when I get in bed. DS was up at 6:30 morning, way too early. I just want to cry. I've had such a crappy day and my house is so disorganized from me being sick for so long. Waaaaa.
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My husband travels alot too and this first trimester has been hell this time around. You're right, they're always gone when you feel the worst!
Hang in there mama!

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I was just thinking about my hairy legs today as I put on my capris pants. It totally cracked me up to see that everyone is having the same thoughts. Ah spring, when a young mom's fancy turns to leg hair removal. But I hate shaving my legs! So for me, it's time to make my first of the season wax appointment. I usually don't make my first appointment until May but it has been so warm and beautiful up here (sorry Piglet, don't want to rub it in) that I think I'll be making my leg waxing appointment early this year.

More s to you Trueblue. I hope you feel better soon.
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