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I'm back . . .

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I missed MDC!!! I haven't posted here in over a year. I had a lot going on. DH quit/lost his job and I started taking college classes and we started a bus conversion project and moved across the country from New Hampshire to California. Whew. Among other things.


But in all that busy busy-ness there was an emptiness that only MDC can fill (lol). MDC has a special place in my heart because I made so many friends here, and I have LEARNED so much here, that I really feel I owe MDC a lot-- I am a completely different person because of the people here.


Um, so, I have to get used to the new forum format here. It's kind of overwhelming. :)

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Hey, welcome back!  So do you live in your bus conversion or are you in a fixed home?  Did you have a lot of fun on your cross country trip?

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