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Live in Chile

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I am from Chile, but I am living in Seattle for the last 3 years. I read the post and I was wondering if anybody is doing homeschool and How is it?.

Also is someone living at the south of Chile,


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I won't be in Chile for another year or so, but have been making as many connections as I can before we move. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001466790403 is a facebook group for Chilean homeschoolers. The lady that runs it doesn't speak english, but has been SOOO patient with my poor spanish! =D She is very knowledgible and helpful and kind. 


My family is going to be traveling through Latin America for over a year, but plans to eventually land in southern Chile. If you are on facebook or g+ you should pm me a link to your profile so we can keep track of each other until then. =)

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I'm Chilean and back to Chile from the States three months ago. We're homeschoolers and currently living in the North part of the country.

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